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Philosophy Presentation

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Kasie Jabeck

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Philosophy Presentation

Behaviorism: My Personality Type: * Analytic, Behaviorism, and Existentialism Philosophy Presentation - "Existence precedes essence"
- Individuals are responsible for their
thoughts, feelings, and actions
- No universal form of human nature
- Focus is the individual
- Learning is self-paced and self-directed
- "In education we are teachers and learners"
- Emphasis is on creating own ideas
relevant to ones self Philosophical Effects on Coaching: As a Coach: By: Kasie Jabeck My Educational Philosophy: Effects on Me as a "Teacher" If I was a teacher..... My Personality Type & Educational Philosophy *Perfect Melancholy:
-Analytical; Idealistic; Creative; Sets High Standards; Scheduled; Neat; Perfectionist; Detailed; Organized

*Otter/ Golden Retriever:
-Loyal; Avoids Conflict; Thoughtful; Enjoys Routine; Dislikes Change; Practical; Reserved; Predictable

*Other Pieces: (Lion, Beaver)
-Competitive; Goal Driven; Purposeful; Group Orientated; Self-reliant *Most like Progressivism (John Dewey):
"People are social animals who learn well through active interplay with others and that our learning increases when we are engaged in activities that have meaning for us"
- Individuality with learning
- Learn through experiences
- Interact with others
- Blend together the home, the workplace, and the schoolhouse
- Want school to be interesting and useful

*Curriculum centers around the experiences, interests, and abilities of students; lesson plans are geared toward building curiosity and high level thinking Connecting to Philosophers and Philosophies Analytic Philosophy: Bertrand Russell, Plato & Confucius - Deals with analysis, logic, mathematics
- Believes in definite answers -"Aims at truth and knowledge, as opposed to moral and spiritual improvement; the goal in analytic philosophy is to discover what is true, not to provide a useful recipe for living one's life"." - Positive and negative reinforcement
- Children are a product of their environment prior to school (TV, Parents, Friends)
- Decreases lack of engagement and negative contributions B.F. Skinner & John B. Watson Connections for Me:
* Soccer; Coaching (College and Youth Programs)
* My work as a Preschool Aid
* Believe Strongly in Positive Reinforcement Existentialism: Jean Paul Sartre, Maxine Greene & Soren Kierkegaard Connections to Me:
* COACHING - Emphasis on TEAM; however break it down further to the importance of each individual and what they bring to the team (Individuality)
- Keep organized; have practice times set, leave times set, stay consistent
- Emphasis on building relationships; not so much on task
- Set high standards Team Dynamics: Practice: Individual Player Relationships: - Group orientated (i.e. Running; team sport so you run as a team; Key: doesn't matter who is fastest, matters everyone finishes)
- Emphasis on player discovery, create drills where players can make mistakes and do not get penalized for it
- Keep practice competitive; allow players to push their teammates - Be a guide, allow players to choose their own paths, allow them to make their own mistakes
- Remember each player is different, has different goals, needs and wants; motivates, works, and performs under pressure differently Effects on Coaching Cont. *Otter/Lion Mix:
- Not dominate; allow players to step up and lead team
- Keep team and season organized *Build and focus on relationships with players; Build Trust; Invest in your players
*Positive Reinforcement (i.e. playing time, captain band, etc.) * Ask, "How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his own personal growth?" "A coach is...a friend...a philosopher....a guiding light...an inspiration" - I'd teach preschool- 3rd grade
- Like the ideas of a Montessori school
- Try and break the day up by activities; encompassing various subjects within one activity so there is a full range of learning
- Create a curriculum that spikes curiosity, creates a fun learning environment, encompasses ideals of the home, and pushes the kids to high level thinking
- Exploration learning (VERY HANDS ON)
- Respect and encourage individuality
- Use positive reinforcement methods
- Allow lots of group work (Tons of collaboration)
- I do not want to be the only one teaching (i.e. want kids to speak up and teach or present what they know or have learned/experienced) Connection: Math major; science background; believe in definite answers
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