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No description

Camille Carvalho

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Brazil

Mixture of Ethnicities


Public Services
Natural beauties

Brazil: 7 types of Biome
Atlantic Florest
Amazon Forests
7 million km²
60% on Brazil
Amazon River :2nd longest river in the world
unmatched biodiversity
Savannah / Cerrado
20% of the National Territory
Present in 8 states of Brazil
Big and unique diversity of fauna and flora
Health Services
Since 1988
Education and Health Services are
guaranteed by the Constitution.
From the kindergarten to Ph.D degree
Rice and Beans
Brazilian Barbecue
Most famous national dish
Soup of black beans and pork with side dishes
Rice and beans are the base of the principal meals: lunch and dinner

Brazil is among the 10 countries with the happiest people in the world
71% of Brazilians consider themselves happy
The Brazilian people are the most optimistic in the world when they think about the future
African Brazilian Religions

Kardecism and spiritualism
"Levanta, sacode a poeira
E dá a volta por cima!"
Paulo Vanzolini

The Carnival
Rio de Janeiro
Ouro Preto
Other Celebrations
Cirio de Nazare
June Festival
Parintins Folklore Festival
Language Characteristics
Portuguese has symbols to represent tone and words can differ according to their tone.

caô – lie (noun)
cão – dog (noun)

Portuguese and English share the same Latin roots, which can help the acquisition of a strong academic vocabulary.

mea culpa
– my fault
a priori
– from the former
ad infinitum
– to infinity
per se
– by itself

Hard Portuguese phonemes for English speakers.

O chará chora. Em Araxá o chará achará chá.
– ch/x
O homem roeu a roupa do rei da Holanda.
– r/h
Feijão, melão, pinhão, mamão.
– ão

What Brazilians say and what you can understand

What Brazilians say: Perhaps.
What foreigners hear: Perhaps.
What Brazilians mean: No.

What Brazilians say: No.
What foreigners hear: No.
What Brazilians mean: Definitely no.

What Brazilians say: I'll be there in ten minutes.
What foreigners hear: He/She'll be here soon.
What Brazilians mean: Some time in the next
half-hour I'll be there.

Rio de Janeiro
São Paulo
Don’t talk in Spanish with Brazilians, we speak Portuguese.
Don’t assume that everybody in Brazil knows how to play soccer or knows how to dance.
Don’t think that a girl is interested in you just because she kissed you on the cheek when you met her.
Don’t use your hands to touch the food when you are eating. We usually eat everything using napkins in order to not dirt our hands.

It’s very important to know how to negotiate when you want to buy something.
If you want to use speedos and thongs, no one will judge you.
You can drink on the streets if you want.
Brazil has a vivacious culture that can bring you out of your shell, therefore, be outgoing and extroverted while you there.
You will probably take more showers there than here because of the hot weather.
Brazilian Country
Samba e Bossa Nova
Over 5 millions of Immigrants
Unique National Identity
Dilma Rousseff
Brazil is a large country with many
different accents.
porta - door (noun)

Elder Silva
Dayvid Silva
Maira Ferreira
Camille Costa
Yulli Luna
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