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Narnia: The magician's nephew

No description

Tony Murphy

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Narnia: The magician's nephew

Main Characters
The main conflict of the story is The Good vs. The Evil. Jadis the white witch is the major conflict for Digory and Polly. Jadis, after getting brought into Narnia, immediately attempted to take over.
The climax of the story is when Digory gets the task from Aslan to get a enchanted apple from the castle. Jadis tries to fool Digory by telling him to take the apple to heal his mother instead. Digory then has to decide to either use it for his mother or return it to Aslan. In the end, he overcomes the temptation and brings it to Aslan.
The resolution is when Digory and Polly return from Narnia and are back in London, England. Even though they became the best of friends, Digory moved after returning. However, this did not stop him and Polly to continue to meet each other.
The main settings of the story include - London, England
- Narnia
- Charn
- The Wood Between the Worlds

the chronicles of Narnia: The magician's nephew
By: C.S. Lewis
There are many themes to take away from this story. Some of these are...

- Sticking together. Without the teamwork the two friends had, the world of Narnia would have fallen to Jadis.

Prezi created by Tony Murphy
London, England
Depicts the Good vs. the Evil with pictures from the book and the film.
One of the book covers for "The Magician's Nephew". This one shows the magical apple that Aslan the lion sent Digory to find.
Map of Narnia
The protagonists of the story are Digory Kirke, Aslan, and Polly Plummer. The antagonist is Jadis.
Digory - Lives in London, England with his aunt and uncle because his mother is seriously ill. A very determined boy.
Polly - Digory's aunt's neighbor that obviously lives in London, England as well.
She is very sensitive and can be a pain at times.
Jadis - An evil sorcerer. Also the former and final queen of the world Charn. She is very rude and selfish in every impression she makes.
Aslan - A dignified lion that is the founder and leader of the magical world of Narnia. He is what it seems to be the religious figure of the book.
- Stay determined. They had to overcome Jadis' evil sorcery throughout most of the story.
- Be brave. Polly and Digory did not know what they were getting into when brought into Narnia at first.
The first time going into the wardrobe.
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