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nader ibrahim

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of LTE-Advanced

LTE - Advanced 3GPP Specification 3GPP Specified Radio Interfaces.

• 2G radio: GSM, GPRS, EDGE.
• 3G radio: WCDMA, HSPA, LTE.
• 4G radio: LTE Advanced.

3GPP Core Network.

• 2G/3G: GSM core network.
• 3G/4G: Evolved Packet Core (EPC). General Directions of 3GPPEvolution Radio Interfaces.

Higher Data Throughput.
Lower Latency.
More Spectrum Flexibility.

IP Core Network.

Support of non-3GPP Accesses.
Packet Only Support.
Improved Security.
Greater Device Diversity. Welcome to the world of LTE What is LTE? LTE is the next generation of Mobile broadband Technology

Works with IP

Provides low latency

Higher network throughput

Increased data transfer speed

Downlink: >100 Mbps
Uplink: >50 Mbps
Cell-edge data rates

Improvements over 3G network Advantages Provides low latency.

Higher network throughput.

Increased data transfer speed.
Downlink: >100 Mbps
Uplink: >50 Mbps
Cell-edge data rates
Improvements over 3G network. LTE vs. Other technologies 2G
14.4kpbs 2.5G
384kpbs 3G
14.4Mpbs LTE
115Mpbs 4G(LTE Adv.)
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