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Become a stylist with Stylefish

Do you have a passion for fashion you would love to turn it into a home based business? Stylefish can help you get there

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Become a stylist with Stylefish

Stylefish.ie What will I learn today? Who can train? - What is Stylefish?
- Meet some of our Stylists
- What training do we provide?
- Can anyone train to become a teacher?
- What am I trained to teach?
- What support does Stylefish offer me?
- Costs A Body Shape class
A Creative Colour class What Type of Classes can I offer? STYLEFISH PACKAGE
1700euro THE COSTS Your training take 4 weeks in total. This is made up of 5 days training in our office in Dublin, 3 weeks off where you have to complete assignments and practice your classes and one final day for your assessment and set up. On this day you get your professional photo taken which we use for your Stylefish profile on our website to get you up and running! What happens once I qualify?
Once you can tick the boxes below!
YOU! ...Follow me What is Stylefish? Stylefish is a fashion school set up to inspire confidence and creativity in women's approach to their style through fashion classes.We give women just like you who have a passion for fashion and an interest in making women feel great the chance to work for themselves as Stylefish teachers, making money teaching our fashion classes & inspiring women's style! Meet some of our stylists... This could be you! Meet Sarah, a full time solicitor & Stylefish teacher Meet Susie, a full time youth worker & Stylefish teacher Meet Mary, a retired Public Servant & Stylefish teacher Meet Barbara, a tennis coach
& Stylefish Teacher stylefish.ie What makes Stylefish different?
There are lots of training courses out there to train you in styling .... The hard part... - Body shape theory
- Colour Theory
- Body Balance
- Scale..
& lots of other fashion stuff! Covering.... Is turning it into a business..
- Costs
- Website build
- Company Name
- Pricing
- Marketing
- Branding
- Legals
- Accounts It is your business, your way. You decide when you teach,
where you teach and
how many women you teach. ***Our Stylists receive up to date slides for their classes each season Are you stylish & do you have a passion for fashion? Are you friendly & caring? Are you organised & interested to work for yourself? Would you like to be part of a company that gives you support? Would you like a flexible business where you set the hours? Do you like the idea of teaching & inspiring other women? Snap! Snap! Snap! You also then get access to your Stylist Area on Stylefish.ie where you can begin to run your business! You can also chat to other teachers ask questions, give tips, get advice anytime! Your stylist area gives you access to all of your training materials In your stylist area you will also have access to useful business stuff like class checklists to make sure you are remembering to bring everything you need to class! How do I order Marketing Materials? There is a dedicated section in your stylist area where you can order your own marketing materials like business cards, leaflets, letterheads, promotional banners and much more any time you want. What do my customers get when they come to at a class with me? HOW??? Am I given my class slides? Absolutely!
Yes. You will be given updated class slides each season with all the latest looks from the shops to share in your classes with your students! Does every teacher teach the same slides? Yearly Licence Fee
300plus vat Yearly MEMBERSHIP FEE 250 to keep your stylist profile active on Stylefish.ie (applicable from year 2) 3euro admin
fee for
each booklet
whenever you
run a class Total cost to start up therefore =
€2000 (training fee + licence fee) *Take Note *A laptop, projector will be required to run your classes also How much do I charge for my classes? *Stylefish will not set your price but will offer a guideline price of 40euro per person

*That means if you have 4 women in a class you will earn 160euro for a 2 hour class. (See notes at end for admin costs). Oh and one final thing! (The single most important thing to us is that you love the idea of teaching women and building their confidence through fashion! We call this the 'Stylefish thing'. We look for this in all our teachers and won't settle for anything less! Have you got the Stylefish Thing? If you do, then we would LOVE you to become one of our teachers! What do my marketing materials look like? What can we offer you? Stylefish provides you with a ready made, simple, cost effective and supported way to earn money as a fashion teacher. How? Once you sucessfully complete our training programme, you are ready to begin teaching classes & making money! We provide you with everything you need as part of your start up package to get you up and running including class templates, which are updated each season, promotional leaflets to help you get customers and lots more! You also have access to our teacher area online where you will find everything you need to help and support you aswell as being able to chat to other teachers! Our style guides You simply
to your
stylist area
once your
class is
fill in
the details,
pay a
fee pp
& voila. THAT MEANS! You set the goal posts for your business! What does the training cover? Fashion Training Setting you up - A history of fashion
- Body/ self image & confidence training
-Style, confidence & communication skills as a teacher
- Body shape styling & application
- Colour systems & application
- Teaching your body & colour classes
- Body shape & colour field work - Getting customers the easy way
- Setting up your profile on Stylefish
- Using Your stylists area online
- Running your classes
- Stylefish support Teach in your customers sitting room. Teach in a
fashion boutiqe Here is just a sample...

01 6394950

21 Fitzwilliam Place,
Dublin 2 @Stylishfish Stylefish.ie Yes! Each and every Stylefish teacher must use the same slides. Your training builds your knowledge and confidence in the content and theory behind all of your slides but we also encourage & show you how important it is to make your class your own with your own fun games, stories etc. We are here to support you in doing this!
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