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Google Earth

No description

Morgan Logue

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Google Earth

Google Earth Things I knew
You could zoom
You can go on streets
You can fly Things I learned
You can crash when you fly
You can type in where you want to go and it will find it for you
I learned you can double click the plcae you want to go and then it will automatically get you there
I also learned that Ctrl, Alt, A is how you get to flying mode Museum of Modern Art
I didnt know that it was located in Sanfranciso
In this museum there is alot of famous paintings
There are tours for families to see the paintings
There are also special event held in rooms for the people who want to buy paintings. National Gallery
It is located in London
They hold special events or special tours for certain paitings like the Virign with child with an Angel.
They also hold on called Histories and Realities Museo del Prado
Is located in Spain
This museum joins several celebrations to promote special sales.
They are offering games to childrens and adults such as Tennis. Tate Modern
Is also located in London
They accept paintings from anyone who wants there paintings in the Museum.
There is a place for kids to sita and draw while there parents go off and look at paintings.
Technical things I had issues with:
All I really had issues with was the zoom and double clicking trying to see a pic.
I also had trouble flying and staying level (3.) (2.) (1.) (5.) Technical things I want to learn more about:
I want to learn more about all the different modes you can go to.
For Ex.
The flight simulator
The street view
The sky view (4.)
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