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Anna And The French Kiss

No description

Georgia Crisp

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Anna And The French Kiss





By: Stephanie Perkins
The Plot
For 18 years Anna considered Atlanta her home, but then one day her jerk of a father, packed her up and banished her to a boarding school in Paris. This seems amazing, but to Anna it is banishment as she had the perfect best friend and her crush was finally reciprocating her feelings. So when she gets there and meets the wonderful Etienne St. Clair. Suddenly her world is turned upside down, torn between their amazing friendship and her feeling for him. Mix new friends, teenage romance, and fun in the city of love...
The book is based mainly based in Paris, France. There are two chapters though where Anna is in Atlanta, Georgia. They visit many famous monuments through out the book that have great significance to the book.
Stephanie Perkins was born in South Carolina and was raised in Arizona. She went to colleges in San Francisco and Atlanta. She currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband, and cat named Mr. Tumnus. She has currently written three books.
The Main Characters
Anna Oliphant is the main protagonist of this book, she goes to the School Of America in Paris. She has brown hair with a streak of blonde in it, which she gets teased about a lot by the girls in her grade calling her La Moufette which means Skunk in french. She starts at the school in her senior year of high school, at first hates everything there but learns to love the way of Paris. She is best friends with Etienne and Mer, and she has a little brother whom she leaves in America when sent to France. As soon as she arrives she falls head over in love with Etienne, though has to hide it because he has a girlfriend, Also every girl in school seems to have a crush on him so she doesn't want to come across as a wannabee.
This is a boarding school in Paris,France. It is a quite prestigious school. It is a school for americans in Paris, that is actually the name of the school:
Etienne St. Clair is a senior at S.O.A.P, he is best friends with Anna, and is dating Ellie. They have been dating for a year and half when Anna transfers to S.O.A.P. He has a very abusive father, but his father is very rich so he just sends Etienne to a boarding school, so he can't fight back against him. His parents are separated but his father won't let his mother divorce him, so she lives alone in San Francisco while Etienne is in France, and his father in London. Not a lot of people actually call him Etienne, all his friends actually call him St. Clair like his surname.
Mer is the first friend Anna makes when she comes to S.O.A.P. she actually has a very large crush on Etienne but would never tell anyone because he A)has a girlfriend B) Knows Anna likes him. She is very interested in soccer, and loves school. In S.O.A.P, you only have to take French as a language but she takes an advanced Spanish class for fun.
Rashmi is a senior at S.O.A.P, she is dating Josh. She is a side character for most of the novel but becomes more important further in. She has been with Josh for the past year and they have a lot of classes together. She is obsessed with Egyptian culture and wants to go to Brown to become a archeologist.

Josh is a senior at S.O.A.P and doesn't really care about his education. All he wants to do is draw all day long and go drinking with Ettiene. He is often found with his hand covered in led and his hand cramping up from drawing too much. He is the son of a U.S senetor.
Unlike all the other characters Ellie doesn't actually go to S.O.A.P, she is a freshman in Parson's school for fashion in Paris. She does not appear much in the book but is mentioned a lot and has a big role. She does not like Anna very much because she knows about Anna's crush on Etienne and suspects Etienne has feeling for her too.
They visit the Eiffel tower twice through out the book.
Anna and Etienne visit point zero a few times through out the book, he brings her here the first time trying to get her out of her dorm room and truly see Paris.
Anna spends a lot of time in her dorm room because she feels alone in paris.
Etienne's room: they spend a bit of time here through out the book for reasons I can not mention.
They spend a lot of time in the common room, doing homework, reading or just spending time with their friends
Anna and Etienne go here a lot to watch movies and review them for Anna's blog. This becomes somewhat of their 'hangout spot' so much so the owner believe Anna and Etienne are dating.
I really enjoyed this book, it was light, fun to read, and very romantic. I loved reading from Anna's point of view and found her very funny. The thing I enjoyed most about this book was the characters, they are very relatable and I love how much they truly care about each other. I really liked Anna's character development through out the book, at the beginning she is a shy and self-conscious american who doesn't have a place in Paris, into a confident Parisian navigating the streets like she's lived there her entire life. The final thing I love about this book is the complexity , unlike most romances where there is only one set of character problems, but in this book there is several different complexities: The friendship between Rashmi and Anna, the friendship between Anna and Mer, and the friendship between Etienne and Anna, and the friendship between Josh and Etienne. I really enjoyed this book, and I really recommend it. I give this book five kisses.
"Because I was right. For the two of us, home isn't a place. It's a person. And we're finally home."
I love this quote because it can be used in any situation, it is also very true, home isn't a building or country you go to, it's the people you spend your time with and those who you love.
Also several different versions in English
they describe a dorm very similar to this one, in the book to explain Anna's dorm.
In the book they described S.O.A.P dorms to be like a modern apartment
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