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Mind Map- The Lovely Bones

No description

Megan Doboszenski

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Mind Map- The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones By: Alice Sebold Central Idea Susie's Death Susie Salmon Main character
"White girl with mousy brown hair." (pg. 5)
Likes to write Lindsey Salmon Susie's younger sister
Blonde hair, "She was the only true blonde in our family." (page 32)
Boyfriend named Sam
Extremely smart Buckley Salmon The youngest of the family
Always with his friend Nate
Enjoys gardening
"He had gone extraordinary,
insanely crazy, reading old Burpee catalogs." (page 254) Susie, Lindsey, & Buckley's parents
Jack works for a law firm
Abigail leaves after Susie's death
Jack is the favorite parent Mr. Harvey Neighbor
Susie's murderer
Quiet, shy, the neighborhood weirdo "I was aware that Mr. Harvey was looking at me strangely." (page 8) Grandma Lynn Abigail's mom
Moves in when Abigail moves out
Very glamorous
"Grandma Lynn embarrassed my mother by insisting on wearing her used furs on walks around the block..." (page 99) Setting 1970s
the Salmon home
Cold and rainy r
y r
y Pennsylvania
Starts in the beginning of winter Conflict Susie is murdered in a cornfield on her way home from school Susies family starts to become suspicious about their neighbor Mr.Harvey Lindsey breaks into Mr.Harvey's house to search for clues. "It was a small drawing of stalks above a sunken hole." (page 183) Mr. Harvey knows people are getting suspicious so he moves away. Abigail moves away 1 year after Susie's death.
"'Lets pretend it is the ocean and that I am going away and we might never see each other again.' The next day she left for her father's cabin" (page 213) As all this is going on, the kids are growing up and Susie is becoming less and less of their daily lives. Also, Jack's health starts to deteriorate. Jack has a heart attack and Abigail rushes back home. "... she repeated the strange words: husband, heart attack." (page 263) After he father's heart attack, comes down from heaven and switches place with an old friend to be with her middle school crush Ray Singh. "That was the moment I fell to earth." (page 299) Climax Susie was always watching Mr. Harvey from heaven & while he was on the road, he kept killing. "...I saw him: Mr.Harvey coming out of the doors of a Greyhound bus." (page 326) Jack & Abigail
Salmon Rising Action Minor Conflict The story is from Susie's point of view in heaven. Real World Connection On average, 7 teens are murdered each day in the U.S
Murder is the second leading cause of death for teens. National Murder Rankings
Louisiana is ranked first
Minnesota is #46
Hawaii is ranked last After Mr. Harvey convinces Susie to go to his "hiding place," he tries to be casual about things even though they are pretty much strangers. He offers her a pop and tries to make small talk. Eventually he makes his move & three days later a dog finds Susie's elbow in the cornfield. "...bag any evidence along with my body parts, except the elbow." (page 10) The police find a bag of bones in Mr. Harvey's basement. He always dismembers his victims, hence the name The Lovely Bones. My Rating I would give the lovely bones a 4 out of 5 stars
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