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Tim Wood

on 6 April 2014

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Timothy Wood
EDP2002 Spring 2014

Detective John Kimble, played by Arnold Schwarzanegger initially appears to be an ineffective teacher....

No classroom management
Was unorganized
Students ran the class
Yells at the students to "shut up" to get their attention
All students raised their hand when asked a question whether it was right or wrong
Students were out of control during first fire drill

He improved his effectiveness...

Established an authoritarian management style
-His focus was to keep order in the classroom
-Placed limits and controls on the students
Established rules and procedures
-Students were provided standards for their behavior
-The use of the ferret established the students responsibility and a routine
Positive Reinforcement
The students were provided with praise "your sheriff is proud of you" and pleasurable activities (playing with toys on the carpet)

(489, 491, 493)

-Make use of the first few days and weeks of school to communicate the rules and procedures
-Engage in advanced planning before the school year
-Establishing these concepts will help the class run smoothly and set the classroom environment

Early Childhood Development

Students are becoming more self-sufficient
-performing the fire drill without assistance
Develop school readiness skills (following directions)
-the use of the whistle to complete tasks in an orderly fashion
Students are able to spend hours with their peers

Preoperational Stage

Symbolic Function Substage
-Pretend play
*Zack Sullivan is seen playing with trucks in the back of the classroom by himself
*Emma was observed playing with her doll in the back of the room and advised Mr. Kimble that she is a princess
-Scribbled Designs
*When left unattended, the students smeared paint all over the chalkboard and canvass in no apparent shape or design
Intuitive Thought Substage
-Primitive Reasoning
*Students want to know answers to all sorts of questions. When principal tells students Mrs. Hagley went on a trip, they ask several questions.
"Where did she go?"
"Did she die?/Did they die?"

(43, 44)

Increase use of language to talk about things that are not physically present
-This is observed when Mr. Kimble asks the students "who is your daddy and what does he do?"
"My dad fixes wrecked cars that are driven by women that are pinheads."
The increase in vocabulary development is observed
-with their responses to "who is your daddy and what does he do?"
"My dad is a gynecologist, he looks at vaginas all day long"
-it is also observed during story time

(58, 60)
Social Development

Protected environment (one teacher and one classroom)
Mr. Kimble symbolizes authority (use of the whistle)
Classroom is more of a "social unit"
-The students participate in group play, nap time, and story time.
-Zack is seen in the beginning of the movie with low self-esteem. He plays alone and does not interact with his peers. Mr. Kimble uses the excersize program to raise Zack's self-esteem.

Identity Development

Preconventional Reasoning
-"Children obey adults because adults tell them to obey"
-Mr. Kimble tells the students to get a toy when they hear 1 whistle and to return the toy when they hear 2 whistles
-Students walk single file down the hallway
and march to the cadence

My Review

Kindergarten Cop shows the audience that despite the fact that Mr. Kimble had no teaching experience, he was able to establish a successful classroom environment. He quickly established to the students that he was in charge and that his rules were going to be followed. The students quickly began to respect Mr. Kimble and conform to his teaching methodologies.
This movie has showed me that it is important to establish the classroom rules and guidelines. It is imperative to make sure the students conform to the ideas and that proper behavior plans are in place.

Teaching Behaviors and Characteristics

As a teacher I would use the authoritative classroom management style. I would like to see the students interact with their peers and be self-reliant. The classroom rules and regulations will be established and well understood.
I would also like to use the learner-centered instructional approach. I would want the student to engage in problem based learning, which will help expose them to real-life problem solving skills.
The guided discovery learning will be used to encourage students to come up with their own understanding, while using minimal assistance from the instructor.

(414, 416, 489)


Direct attention toward good behavior and away from negative behavior.
-letter grades for students work
-Posting students' work around the room
-Certificate of achievement
-Allow to play games on computer


Extrinsic Motivation

"A means to an end"
Observed in the movie when the students worked hard on their Gettysburg Address speech

Intrinsic Motivation

"Internal motivation to do something for ones self"
Student will motivate themselves because they are personally interested in the content
-Students appeared interested in learning and presenting the Gettysburg Address

My Classroom

Reward students for their good work (convey information of mastery) and behavior (engage in tasks to control behavior)
Praise the students when necessary
Provide the students with choices to promote motivation

(441, 444, 445)

Santrock, J. (2011). Education psychology. (5th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

Reitman, I. (Director) (1990). Kindergarten cop [DVD].
Due to the unique circumstances, Mr. Kimble was not given the opportunity to:
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