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J. P. Morgan Zeus of Wallstreet

No description

Savannah bridges

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of J. P. Morgan Zeus of Wallstreet

Andrew Carnegie Owned Carnegie steel

Morgan bought it for $480 million and renamed it U.S. Steel

Morgan inherited New York firm in 1894 Father was very controlling

Morgan wanted to create identity of his own In 1903 Edward Steichen took a portrait-photograph of Morgan By Savannah Bridges J. P. Morgan
Zeus Of Wallstreet Juliet Pierpont Morgan Junius Spenser Morgan Parents J. P. Morgan and his Dad Today Then J. P. Morgan and Company Andrew Carnegie The Railroad System Owned 5,000 miles of railroad by 1900 Helped reorganize railroad industry Electricity Morgan became interested in electricity Created General Electric Trust in April of 1892 Obstacles John D. Rockefeller Jay Gould Andrew Carnegie Rivals Obstacles 1896 Presidential Election Amelia's Death William J. Bryan William McKinley Died of Tuberculosis four months after marrying Morgan William McKinley wins keeping Morgan's empire safe Amelia Sturges Family Married Frances Louisa Tracy and had one boy, and three girls Anne Tracy Morgan Juliet Morgan Louisa Pierpont Morgan John Pierpont Morgan The Pierpont Morgan Library Morgan donated his art and book collection J. P. Morgan and his Son Morgan and his son looked alike Rolled into a composite beast J. P. Morgan and Chase Monopoly Which Piece would you be? Morgan
He renamed it J. P. Morgan and Company Founded in 1799 Largest bank in the U.S.
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