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Jesyka Chorney

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of CITY-STATE GENOA

BY JESYKA AND ALYSSA ECONOMIC Military How did the city-state develop as a trading centre?
- Italy was closest to port cities of northern Africa and the Mediterranean Sea where spices were made.

-It was easier and cheaper to transport these goods by sea.

What types of industry did the city-state support?
-manufacture of iron and steel goods Who controlled the city-state?
-The consuls were elected by popular assembly who had the actual power.
-The Holy Roman Emperor had great power over the city-state.
-The Bishop of Genoa was the president.
What type of allegiances existed?
-Had an alliance with the Byzantine Empire.
-Increased the wealth and power of Genoa.
What type of government did the city-state have?
-Genoa had their own government, armies, and controlled their own affairs. POLITICAL Who were 5the notable artists?
-Rubens, Van Dyck, and Bernardo Strozzi were famous painters in Genoa.
Who were the notable philosophers and intellectuals?
-Andrea Doria, and Ottaviano Grimaldi. (Our Worldviews pg 44)
How were art, culture and intellectual growth important in the community?
-In 1528 Andrea Doria became a dictator. Genoa experienced the Renaissance in art and architecture that already occurred in other areas of Italy. So they were happy and excited that it came to Genoa. (Our Worldviews page 44) Cultural How was the social system structured?
-They had the Genoa Navy who controlled Genoa, and they gained a place called Constantinople in 1261. In 1463, Genoa’s became less powerful and lost Constantinople. Milan, and later France, took control of Genoa. In 1528, Andrea Doria, became dictator. (Our Worldviews page 43-44) Social Was the military powerful?
- Yes, the Genovese military gained control of Constantinople, the largest city in Europe and the trade of the black sea. (Our Worldviews page 44)
Did the city-state control other territories?
-Yes, they controlled the city of Constantinople. They lost it in 1463. Questions Questions Questions Indicate the trading practices.

Show the benefit of resource for trade.

Show the relationship of geographic features and trade.
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