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See You at Harry's- Book Project

Book by Jo Knowles

Ellen Lee

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of See You at Harry's- Book Project

See You at Harry's
An inspirational novel by Jo Knowles
Project by Ellen Lee
The theme of this story, is to not take what you have for granted, because it wont be there forever.
And to find the light in the darkest places.
Plot: Exposition
Plot:Rising Action
About the Author
Jo Knowles- Author
Fern- Main Character, Protagonist, 12 year old girl
Holden- Fern's older brother, 14 years old
Sara- Fern's older sister, 18 years old
Charlie- Fern's younger brother, 3 years old
Mom- Fern's mother
Dad- Fern's dad
Random (Ran)- Fern's best friend 12 years old
Cassie- Another close friend of Fern
Grey- Holden's new "friend"
-Harry's Diner- The family diner Fern's dad owns
-Fern's House
-Fern and Holden's school

-These are the three main settings of the story.
The conflict of the story is that Fern's three-year old brother Charlie dies. This causes Fern's family and herself to go into a deep depression. Her mother won't come downstairs and face the family, at a point where the kids need her most, and Fern believes it was all her fault and thinks her mother knows it too. Her father is the one who gets them through the time by telling them its gonna be okay even though they wont believe it.
Jo Knowles grew up in a small farmhouse in New Hampshire. Surrounded by farm animals, she entered in 4-H shows with her old horse Smoky. She also grew up surrounded by books, even though she wasn't really interested in reading until high school. Her parents tried out lots of businesses when she was growing up. The first one she remembers was called “Kellers’ Restaurant.” It was a family restaurant, but it was also an ice cream factory, just like Harry's in the book. The book that turned her into an avid reader and eventually a writer was Robert Cormier's The Chocolate Wars. She took a course on children's literature and from there got "hooked." During a a semester in grad school she met Robert Cormier and after that sent her first children's novel to him. He told her she had talent and that book would be published. Sure enough in 2006, her first novel, Lessons From a Dead Girl, was published to Candlewick Press. Her dreams finally came true. She now lives in Vermont with her family and is a freelance writer.
I would really recommend this book to really anybody. It does use some bad language so younger children shouldn't read the book. It is also a brilliant and quick book for adults to read, and in my opinion will touch anyone's heart. So i think that a lot of people would enjoy this book.
Book- See You at Harry's by: Jo Knowles
About the Author- http://www.joknowles.com/about.html
Plot: Falling Action
Plot: Resolution
At the beginning of the book, we meet Fern, as she recalls one of the best moments of her life. Then it quickly flashes back to the present day where she is riding in the car to the family diner, where her mother says their father has a surprise. When they got to the diner, their dad was waiting for them with these awful neon colored t-shirts with the family diner on the front with a dinosaur eating ice-cream. Then he announced that they were filming a commercial, and that was even worse in their eyes. Soon that commercial become popular in their small town and everyone recognized Fern's younger brother Charlie as that cute little girl on television.
Days later, comes home from school and is left to watch Charlie. She decides to go outside to a picnic table that is covered in names to do her homework while Charlie plays. Charlie decides to play a game with Fern and hides under the table and starts calling her the bid bad wolf. Suddenly he runs off towards the parking lot before Fern can catch him. A car starts to pull out of its spot and Charlie runs in front of it. Before the car can hit Charlie it brakes and Charlie falls. Fern runs to his spot and he's silent and still, just staring at her, but he just jumps up and runs off. Fern's mother and sister come running out and Fern is asked tons of questions and then they start to yell at her for not watching him. This makes Fern she is the enemy in this situation even though her mother and sister weren't anywhere to be seen.
The next day, Fern woke up super early, and decided do get ready for school. when she got done, Sara came out of her room asking why Charlie didn't wake everyone up like he usually did. Fern went downstairs and her mother went to wake Charlie up. about a minute later, Fern heard a strange noise that sounded like no and help being said over and over again. She went upstairs and Holden asked what the noise was, and then they saw it. Fern's mother was holding a grey and lifeless Charlie. Holden called 911 and paramedics came and took Charlie away. Everyone but Fern was crying because Fern thought if she cried he wouldn't come back. Even though he didn't.
A couple days later, nothing had changed. The whole family was mourning over Charlie and their mother still hadn't come downstairs. Fern's friend Ran had come over to say sorry for their loss. A couple days later the funeral was held for Charlie at the diner. Now Fern knew he was gone forever. Soon after that, they started school again after what seemed like weeks. The homecoming dance was coming and Cassie forced Fern to go with her and Ran. So she gave in and they all went together. Afterward, Sara gave them a ride home in the ice cream truck and they got busted by the cops. Their dad called in the truck in stolen. Luckily, they didn't get in the worst amount trouble and easily got off the hook.
Days later, Fern's dad drives them to the family diner and they all start working. After work, all of the staff gathers and eats leftovers like they usually do. Fern is deep in her thoughts and suddenly Charlie comes up. She remembers the funeral when the minister said "When all that's left of me is love, give me away." Fern finally realizes what he meant and she lets the thought of Charlie turn into a happy one, and gives him away.
+ The time of the story was the start of fall and the school year.
-The antagonist of the story is not a person, but the death of Fern's brother, Charlie. I know this because it caused the family to fall apart and drift away from each other.
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