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Connor Franta

No description

amillia snow

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of Connor Franta

Connor Franta
When it started getting big.
When Connor hit 1M everthing changed he started going on tour with O2L across cities which were
Philly,Chicago,NYC and Toronto in OCT 2013
. After O2L had their own tour which is this coming 2014. He also on tv shows such as MTV and NICKELODEON. Sooner or later he HIT
2M subs
He moved to LA because a lot of youtubers lived there so he could collab with them. During this Connor hit
subs. He also had a vlog channel where he vlogs what he does but he has stopped now to focus on his main channel videos. After he hit 1M on his channel. That opened a lot of doors for him
O2L was formed. They
all had common goals
youtube. While they s
Started the were all living
in different cities. When they started they had a couple thousand subs and made theme/challenges each week. Things progressed when they got really popular on youtube.
When Connor was still NYC in school, he was still doing youtube he really wanted to take serious so he decided to buy a new camera instead of his webcam. One of his biggest decision to move to LA to achieve his dreams. Connor took a year of.He road tripped to cali with his O2L friends and soon the decided to live together.
What Happened After
Connor was in still in college and he manged to recieve about
subs on youtube. Jc invited Connor to go to Vidcon. Thats where they met Ricky,Kian,Sam,Trevor.
They made a collab channel named O2L. On
July 30th 2012
A bit about him
Connor loved traveling. Youtube was is one passion he loved, loved making and watching videos. He loves making skits and funny videos. He also was a life guard when he was in 8th grade. He has 2 cats named Sam and Pre.
His Background
Connor was born
1993 september 12
. He was born in Wisconsin. He had siblings a older sister named Nicola another older brother named Dustin and
a younger brother Brandon. He went to private school. He loved swimming and running so he joined teams. In college he was in state championship for running.
How it all Began.
He was in high school (
) and used watch youtube videos and he got inspired to do it so he started making them. He didn't get views but as slowly he progressed into it he did and manged to get subs on youtube. He had lot of stuff in his life like moving to college and traveling. But he didn't give up.
The Beginning.
Connor Franta was a normal 18 year old from Minnesota who loved watching people on youtube when he got inspired to make his own videos.
This is just the start
Connor was well known on the internet. He had accomplished so much by just getting a camera and putting videos up online. But Connor never forgot his friends and family so he would always go back home. Connor knows this is just the beginning for his career he still wanted to do more and he will never quit because he has amazing fans supporting him.
While he manged to get
subs on youtube.
Oct 4
2011 he joined a collab channel called cool collab bro.Nothing happened so that ended on
April 22 2012
. But Jc and Connor made their own collab channel called Collab at sea. Which started on
April 16th 2012
which ended on
August 5th 2012.
Hobby became a career.
When Connor was just a normal teen making videos and making people smile and laugh he got a call from youtube saying they want him to be a regular youtuber which he will get paid for. A company called audio able also sponsors Connor so he was hd videos and he advertises once a month. He also has a merch store online of his own shirts,braclets,sweaters and posters.
The End
Fun Facts
Connor Franta: 25 greetings
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