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Comparative Study (Part 2)

Appearance versus Reality

Room 9

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Comparative Study (Part 2)

Paragraphs 3 & 4 `The Comparative Study' Paragraph 3 - Dramatic & Climactic Scenes Climactic episodes in these three texts do not fail to convey the theme of appearance versus reality. Secrets, deception and truth were all played out in each of the stories. Father Welsh's dramatic exhibition in the Coleman and Valene's kitchen was powerful. In an attempt to air his anguish and in a desperate bid to get the attention of the brothers, he plunged his hands into a bowl of molten plastic. The horrific and blood chilling screams and speedy departure from the house alerted the audience that something deep was hidden from us all..... ...and in the other texts? in the italian movie, the dramatic moment that best highlighted the theme was observed when Michele was caught with Filippo in the pit by Skull's brother. Similarly to The Lonesome West the friendship between Salvatore and Michele appeared solid until Salvatore betrayed his friend for the chance to drive Felice's, Skull's brother's, car. On the surface, there was loyalty and the exchange of the toy car between the two friends suggested a fair trade but once a better offer came along it was difficult for the child to make the right choice. That is the difference between the two texts - Fr. Welsh's physical expression of an underlying illness betrays his conscious desire to keep his secret from his neighbours but the children in the movie may not have the strength to make the right choice when faced with a moral dilemma. The beating that Michele received for his meddling and the physical assault on his mother leave the audience startled, evoking similar reactions to those felt during Father Welsh's breakdown. Brooklyn....? Brooklyn gives us a more frightening example of our theme in comparison to the other texts. Mrs Kelly discloses to Eilis that she knows that she is married. The enjoyment that Mrs. Kelly feels demonstrates her cruel, spiteful nature. Mrs. Kelly's chilling and slowly-drawn-out tale of how her knowledge was garnered was an unforgettable piece of dramatic prose. There is great power and venom in her words and the theme of appearance versus reality is so strongly presented that even though it lacks the same physicality of the other texts it is still equally riveting. Answering the Comparative Question 5. Conclude by drawing the main points of your discussion together
and reconsider how your answer has satisfied the question. 4. Make your point in each paragraph and weave between each of the
three texts through the use of comparative language. 3. Introduce your texts to the examiner and propose how the
comparing of these texts will satisfy the question. 2. Start to brainstorm the key moments from the texts that will
illustrate your understanding of the question being asked. Underline the key words and make sure you understand
what the question is expecting of you before you start your plan. 1. What is the question asking you to do? Paragraph 4 - The closing of the texts The closing scene in Brooklyn sees Eilis trying her best to make an attempt at doing the right thing by everybody. One may argue that it is too little too late but she tries nonetheless. The secret was the undoing of her. She was forced to finish her last few hours in Enniscorthy in a state of anxiety which was never part of the plan. The theme is very much at play here - the revelation of her marriage to Tony was a secret which was only going to be exposed when Eilis saw fit. The control was taken away from her once Mrs. Kehoe informed Mrs. Kelly and that ensured the chaos that followed. Eilis packing quietly as her mother stayed isolated in her bedroom is testement to the destructive power of deception and the sad and lonely image of Eilis packing her belongings is a powerful reminder of the human condition. Eilis's ego may have
got in the way of telling the truth. Either way, the attention
put upon her from the locality and the romantic
connection with Jim Farrell made her feel
special, important, even validated. The Lonesome West ....the closing scene in The Lonesome West is devoid of the same emotion that was present in Brooklyn. Eilis and her mother are barely speaking due to the secret but the opposite is the case in the play. Valene and Coleman physically express their frustration of years of lies and deceit and with the aid of a shotgun and a knife both brothers battle it out. The revelation that Coleman killed Valene's dog was the turning point in these last moments and the sadness felt in Brooklyn is replaced by anticipation of a massive row in Mcdonagh's drama. We are not disappointed. Their exchange, both physical and verbal, is explosive and we are enthralled as to how it will be resolved. The theme of appearance versus reality is played out right to the end as the audience does not know if Coleman has loaded the gun or is just giving the appearance that he has. In contrast to the play and novel, the movie gives us the closure that we may have been craving for in the other stories..... I'm Not Scared The closing scene in I'm Not Scared gives us a great opportunity to reflect on the theme of appearance versus reality. Pino being chosen to murder the child provides a fabulous twist. The appearance of this horrible task being straight forward was short-lived due to his presumption that the only child held captive in the barn was Filippo. In fact the reality was more shocking as Pino shoots his own son in a case of mistaken identity. This was a gripping twist and contrasted with the other texts as nothing in the other texts could mirror the catastrophe of a father inflicting a near fatal wound on their own child. The malicious intent shown in The Lonesome West was shared between two equally charged adults. The secret that Eilis revealed had emotionally painful consequences for those involved but the movie's treatment of the theme provided a more serious and dramatic conclusion which saw the life of a child hanging in the balance. Theme or Issue I'm Not Scared Barbara Pino Felice Skull's Brother Michele Skull Salvatore Anna Michele's Mother Michele's Dad Filippo Maria Michele's Sister

...below are some of the examples of how our theme is explored in the novel.

-Arranging Eilis’s trip to Brooklyn via Fr. Flood “in the silence that had lingered she realised that somehow it had been tacitly arranged that Eilis would go to America. Father Flood, she believed, had been invited to the house because Rose knew that he could arrange it.” Pg23

-Miss Fortini and the swimsuits pg152-155
-Secrets (duplicity) pg 161
-Letters to her mother never mentioned Tony pg168
-Rose had been seeing the doctor without telling anyone and having tests without telling anyone pg173
-Introducing the subject of Tony gradually and telling her mother she plans to marry him when she goes back pg205
-Planning to write to Tony once her mother was asleep pg208
-Eilis's ring finger empty of wedding ring pg208
-Eilis using illness to excuse herself from arriving back to Bartocci’s on the agreed date pg213
-Tony’s letter was stiff and formal but there was something of himself in it; a warmth and kindness pg217
-Eilis feeling challenged by keeping the secret pg218
-Jim Farrell and Eilis’s relationship pg225
-The ongoing relationship with Jim is always spoken about with unease due to Eilis’s marriage to Tony pg242
-Miss Kelly confronting Eilis about her secret 245
Appearance V Reality
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