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MPC Solar Energy Facility

No description

Drew Madison

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of MPC Solar Energy Facility

MPC Solar Energy Facility
The Sun
The Source of Nearly ALL Energy
- Coal, Petroleum, Etc.
These fuel sources are originally from organic materials that were fueled by the sun.

- Wind, Tidal, Solar (Of Course), Etc.
The sun heat's the earth which creates differentials in pressure causing wind and it's gravity's effect on the Earth causes the tide

What Is This Energy?
- A particle of electromagnetic radiation that carries energy proportional to it's wavelength.

Energy of a photon = (Plancks Constant * Speed of Light)/Wavelength of Light

- The range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation
Sun Facts
- Surface Temperatures (Photosphere) around 10,000 F and internal temperature of nearly twenty seven million F.
- Formed four and a half billion years ago
- Over 100 times the size of the Earth
- Because the sun is the temperature it is our eyes have developed to see the light spectrum we see today. If the sun was hotter or colder a different wavelength of the spectrum would be dominant and we would not see the same part of the spectrum that we do today.
How Much
- The amount of energy reaching the surface of the Earth EVERY HOUR is greater than the amount of energy used by the entire population of Earth over an ENTIRE YEAR.
Available Solar Power At Earth's Atmosphere?
1.3 kW/m^2

The solar power density at Earth's atmosphere
varies slightly due to multiple factors but this is what has been decided as the "Solar Constant"
Earth's Surface Solar Radiation
Varies greatly due to
- Location's Latitude
- Day of Year
- Time
- Atmospheric Effects
Findlay, Ohio
41 Degrees N
MPC Solar Farm
First Year Saved The City of FIndlay Nearly $60,000
Water Pollution Control Center (WPCC) 1201 South River Road, Findlay OH 45840

Tracking Mount

Generation I Vs. Generation II

Installed November 5th, 2012

Facility Drawings

Generation II PV Panels

Generation I PV Panels

Convert DC Electricity to AC
Uses Four Identical Inverters
Ability to Track Production From Each Subsystem

Brand: Xantrex
Model: GT250-480
Size: 3 Phase 250 kWp
Voltage: 480 V AC

Utilizes an Algorithm Tied to a GPS To Track the Sun’s Path
Single Axis Tracker
Pivots in One Geometric Plane

Unirac Isys Tracker

Mounted Due South
Mounted at 30 Degrees From Horizontal
Unirac Isys Ground Mount System

Fixed Mounting

MPC Solar Facility

Second Generation
Brand: Sharp
Model: NA-121HR
Fixed panels: 1920
Fixed support racks: 64
Tracking panels: 1968
Tracking supports: 41

First Generation
Brand: Kyocera
Model: KD240GX-LPB
Fixed panels: 1053
Fixed support racks: 44
Tracking panels: 1053
Tracking supports: 27

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