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alma avila

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Affects of Street Crimes in Our

Street crimes create dangerous and fearful situations among civilians that limit s freedom among civilians.
Racial Profiling within Street Crimes
Racial profiling is a prominent issue, and affects the everyday lives of the marginalized community.

What can be done to decrease street crimes?
strategies incarcerating convicted offenders that prevent re-offending.
What are Street Crimes?
A criminal activity is generally performed in a public place, usually in a town or city, for example stealing people’s personal possessions or drug dealing.

Such as robbery, is often viewed and understood as rational act.

It is believed that the main motive for offending is to obtain money or goods and that any violence used is necessary to the commission of the offense.

Street crime is a committed act when the balance of perceived gains exceed the perceived costs of offending.
Many Sociologist and Economist believe that crimes relate.....
Street Crimes.....
"In the past three years would you say the level of crime in your community has increased, stayed about the same, or decreased?"
With a population of just over 71,000, Wilmington had a violent-crime rate of 1,625 per 100,000 people last year
According to the FBI’s 2013 Uniform Crime Report (that crime rate measures withing murder and negligence manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault).
Wilmington ranks third for violence among 450 cities of comparable size, behind the Michigan towns of Saginaw and Flint.
What is causing Street Crime Increase?
Poverty / Unemployment
Drugs, Firearms
• Looting and pick pocketing people financially is one of the big reasons society is affected by street crimes.
• Drugs are being sold around family communities and causing temptation.
• All criminal behavior imposes direct costs to the victim and indirect costs to society at large amounts.
• Gangs and street violence target younger generations to misleading pathways.
Although there are ongoing efforts to end racial profiling, the statistics show it is not decreasing at an ideal rate.

More police officers on the streets
Changing people's routine activities
Neighborhood watch, community policing, and gated communities.
Increasing the lighting on streets, CCTV surveillance or fencing pedestrian walkways.
Strengthen community values
Empowerment programs for educating communities .
Street crimes are increasing!
What would you do to stop street crimes?
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As of 2014..
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