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Eight Brief Tales of Lovers

No description

Kaden Workun

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Eight Brief Tales of Lovers

Pyramus and Thisbe. Orpheus and Eurydice. Ceyx and Alcyone. Pygmalion and Galatea. Baucis and Philemon Endymion. Daphne. Alpheus and Arethusa. Eight Brief Tales of Lovers By Kaden Workun and Ashley Eyles - There is a sacred spring called Arethusa located in Ortygia.
- This spring was once a beautiful huntress, a follower of Artemis.
- Like her mistress she carried no interest in men. Instead she saved her heart for the forest.
- Arethusa decided to to bathe in crystal clear river. Unknown to her, this river was home to a god, Alpheus.
- As she bathed the god fell in love. Startled by the voice.
- Arethusa ran from the river and Alpheus gave chase, proclaiming his love.Artemis turned the young huntress into a spring of water. Creating a tunnel in the under the sea from Greece to Sicily, Artemis allowed Arethusa to plunge in and escape.
- Alpheus turned back into a river and plunged down after her.
- Never truly allowing her to escape. - Daphne was the first love of the god Apollo. She was a young, huntress and daughter to the river god Peneus who, had a hatred towards marriage and love.
- She was a woman who would never become companion to a god as the examples of past maidens who had done so.
- One day she was hunting and Apollo layed his eyes on her and gave chase.
- Daphne ran
- Her body began to slowly transform into the form of a laurel. Mulberry Tree Eight Brief Tales of Lovers - Endymion was a young man.
- Due to his beauty the Moon, Selene, fell in love with Endymion.
-Selene came down from the heavens.
- Endymion remained immortal and asleep. -Bored with their pleasantries upon Mount Olympus the two gods came down to the earth in Phrygian hill-country
- On the trip Jupiter wished to test the hospitality of humans.
- He and his companion traveled from home to home, constantly rejected.
- Baucis and Philemon where they were finally granted acceptance. The couple took them in and treated them with complete kindness and hospitality.
- Jupiter removed the couple from the wretched land they had lived in, taking them away from their unkind neighbors and transformed their home into a temple of white marble.
- Finally, Jupiter granted them one wish and one wish was granted.
- After years of serving the gods in the marble temple the couple's time had come.
- Their bodies transforming into the form of two trees. One a Linden and another an Oak, both grown from the same trunk. - Pygmalion was a women hater.
- The statue which he devoted all of his days of tireless effort and skill to was that of a woman.
- Finally he finished the statue.
- He had fallen in love with a woman of ivory stone.
- On the day of her feast Pygmalion asked for her to one day grant him a wish, a maiden as fair as has statue.
-Venus had transformed his creation into the maiden he had asked for. - Pyramus, a young man and Thisbe, a maiden lived their lives side by side, so close in fact that their homes shared the same wall.
- They grew up together, eventually falling deeply and passionately in love.
- Their love was forbidden
- One day they decided to meet each other at night under the mulberry tree.
- Pyramus, in his despair ridden state, decided to join her in the after life. Pyramus then took his sword and plunged it into his side.
- As he bled out on the ground Thisbe returned to find her love dying.
- Thisbe then took her own life to be with her love.
- Their blood was shed it covered the stark white berries of the mulberry tree. - Orpheus and Eurydice is about a story of a man who was gifted with the ability to produce melodies that rivaled even the gods.
- Eventually he met the woman he loved, Eurydice. They soon married,but shortly after Eurydice was stung by a viper and she died.
- He set off to the underworld with the idea that he would use his incredible musical to woe Hades into returning his love.
- The god of the underworld set some conditions: in order for Orpheus to return Eurydice to the living he could not look back upon her until she was safely back in the land of the living.
- Orpheus stepped out of the underworld and looked back upon his love. Unfortunately, Eurydice was still making her way out of the underworld and she was dragged back to the land of the dead.
- Orpheus chased after her but it was in vain and he was soon torn apart by Maenads, ending his tragic story. - Ceyx and Alcyone were a devoted couple who loved each other dearly. Neither of them were willing to part ways from one another.
- Ceyx decided to travel across the sea to consult an oracle due to the disturbing events that occured. Alcyone was torn with grief, terrified that her husband would be lost in the depths of the sea. She begged and pleaded for him to change his mind but his course was set and he continued on his journey. Sadly, Alcyone's worries soon came to life as Ceyx and his ship were lost to a storm at sea. Unaware of his death Alcyone prepared for his return, counting off the days and praying to the gods to keep him safe. Juno, hearing her pleas, took pity on the woman and requested for the god of sleep, Somnnus, to go to Alcyone in her dreams and tell her what had happened to her husband. So, in the form of Ceyx, Somnus came to Alcyone and relayed the news of his death. On the day after Somnus came to her with the news of her dead husband she watched his body wash up on the shore. Distraught with grief she threw herself down towards the body. Yet, as she dropped towards the surface of her body was turned into that of a bird. And so was Ceyx. Through the kindness of the gods the loving couple was reunited and together they flew away across the surface of the sea.
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