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Elementary Principal Interview

No description

Kevin Kampmann

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Elementary Principal Interview

Review of the Data
More Data Needed...
WKCE data is only a snapshot

Need more information to better understand root issues and specific needs
Report Card
Classroom Assessments
Plan of Action...First Two Months
Data shows need for 2nd Order Change
Multi-year Process
Need to build
Trusting Relationships
Shared vision for school
Teacher Buy-in
Team Environment
Challenges and Barriers
Many changes in recent years
Staff overwhelmed
Change is hard
Stay Focused
2nd order change takes time
Maintain focus
Be reflective
Identify new challenges/barriers
Continue to use data to drive decisions

Plan of Action

Thank you!
Currently meets expectations 68.4
ELL and SWD population is above district average in reading
Below state and district in:
Reading achievement
student growth in math
closing reading gap
Student Proficient or Advanced in Reading and Math
Subgroup Reading
Reading Achievement
Overall achievement in reading declining over past 5 year (state avg. is increasing slightly;NAPE)
10/11 to 12/13
Advanced -1%
Proficient -7.7%
Basic +0.2%
Minimal +8.6%
Projected Trends
1.9% of students currently Advanced will drop to Proficient
7.7% of students currently Proficient will drop to Basic
RtI -Tier I should meet 80-85% of student needs
District wide concern
Trends show declining population of Proficient and Advanced
Need to challenge

Trusting Relationships
Meet with staff over summer:
listen, collect information

First Staff Meeting:
Share results
Identify common themes
Incorporate themes into vision
Share my values/beliefs

Continue to...
be visible, visit classrooms, use shared decision making, actions match words

Develop A
Shared Vision...
Address by...
Acknowledge and Validate
Help staff see the need for change (data)
Shared vision
Respectful of staff time
Shared decision making
Celebrate success
Allocation of building funds
Utilize and share skills of current staff
Schedule options
Meeting the needs of students?
Objective analysis
Subjective analysis
Walk through
Instructional coaches
Peer feedback

Gaps and Areas for Improvement
Tier I instruction
Low socioeconomic
Gaps by...
Push resources into classroom vs. Pulling students out of classroom

Before/After School Programing
Front load

Principal collaboration
Objective data
Test scores
School Report Card
Subjective data
Increased collaboration
Reduced fear and increased vision
Student engagement
Increased moral
Every students feels like...
Growth and Achievement for ALL

Doing what is best for kids

Differentiated Instruction
Plan of Action
Professional Development
Book studies
District in-service
Professional conferences

Increase knowledge
High Focus on Tier I
specific skills
gaps in learning

Develop teacher skills
Model instruction
Gradual release
Formative feedback
Increased fidelity
Look for ways to increase PLC time
Student focused
In Classroom Resources
Push resources into classroom
ELL, Specialist, EPU, ect..
Differentiate instruction
Kevin Kampmann
DCE Elementary Principal Interview

Develop trusting relationships
Establish need for change
Develop short/long term goals

Develop Parent/
School Relationship
Encourage participation
Family events
Focus in Reading on Tier I instruction
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