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The Maze Runner

No description

Lizette Esquivel

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner
Character Analysis:
Character: Thomas

Thomas is the main character of the novel. He is a teenage boy who ends up in the Glade; a large expanse enclosed by stone walls. However, the complicated part of all of this is the fact that he arrives to the Glade with no knowledge of who is. All he can remember is his name but he proves later on that he is like no other. Actually, if I were to describe Thomas, I’d have to say that he is very brave, daring, curious, clever, courageous, loyal, and extremely thoughtful.
Round or Flat?

The Foil:
To begin with, a foil is a character who contrasts with another character (usually the protagonist), in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character. He or she makes the characteristics and personality of the "protagonist" stand out. With that said, there are many "foils" in this novel,but in my opinion, the main one happens to be Gally.Well, Gally's arrogant and rude personality makes Thomas seem like an extraordinary person. Therefore,when Gally is his egoistic self, all he does is make Thomas a more important and loved character.
End of Character Analysis (Character Arc):
All in all, Thomas was one of my favorite characters and his personality made him stand out from the rest of the characters. Actually, he changed greatly over the course of the narrative. Like mentioned before, Thomas went from being another confused boy to being the person who changed the way of life of those living in the Glade. He did not play any games, he wanted answers and he was not going to let anything get in his way. It is truly amazing how he evolved as a character.
The Maze Runner
By:James Dashner
I chose to read The Maze Runner, by James Dashner. This is a novel full of suspense and excitement.Throughout the book, many unpredictable things happen which is why the reader is sometimes left completely dumbfounded. As a matter of fact, this action-packed novel has the tendency to leave many wondering what will happen next.
Thematic Analysis:
The author of The Maze Runner was very successful when it came to communicating messages through out the novel. However, the "theme" that stuck out to me the most was to "NEVER GIVE UP". This concept is seen a lot in the book, and I honestly believe that this was what the entire story revolved around. The author made it VERY clear that it is essential to never stop trying when one wants to accomplish something. Let's take Thomas as an example, this boy went through A LOT, but he never gave up when it came to the things he believed in. Thomas even risked his life, but he was NOT going to quit. Actually,this applies to the Modern world because things may get extremely difficult at times but if we do not give up we are able to accomplish many things in life. That is how it has been,
how it is, and how it will always be
when it comes to success.
There are many things throughout the novel that prove that Thomas has all of the traits listed previously. Each and every one of those things describe him and the person he is. However, in my opinion, the word that best defines Thomas is “COURAGEOUS”. He proves that he is not deterred by danger or pain,in many ways. For example, in the novel, Thomas does things that really risk his life. Actually, he broke the number one rule of the Glade which involves not stepping a foot on the Maze unless you are a Runner or something of that sort. Being in the Maze is extremely unsafe, if you go in it without being trained or prepared you are basically killing yourself. This is the reason why I would consider Thomas “courageous”. Well, he broke an essential rule just to help out two men who treated him like nothing. In the novel it mentioned how
“Thomas knew he had no choice. He moved. Forward. He squeezed past the connecting rods at the last second and stepped into the Maze.”
Not only that, but I'm not the only one who believes that Thomas is extremely courageous. Actually, Minho, a very important character, said,
"Thomas, when he should've been wettin' his pants, took control, defied all laws of physics and gravity to get Alby up onto that wall, diverted the Grievers away from him, beat one off, found---".
With this, it is clear that Thomas is not only courageous but he is also very warmhearted.

Dynamic or Static?
Round characters are
characters that are complex and undergo development, sometimes sufficiently to surprise the reader. Actually, this is the reason why I consider Thomas a “round” character. He is just very realistic which is why he is able to grow as a character. He shows that he is like every other human being; he has feelings and tends to question many things. As a matter of fact, you could say that Thomas has different sides to him. For example, he shows that he could be scared yet brave at the same time. Actually, “Despite everything, he felt a shiver of excitement, he was sure they could avoid getting trapped out there at night again.” This shows how even though he’s been through so much already, he is willing to keep going because he’s confident that with determination he can do many things.

On a slightly different note, Thomas is also a “dynamic” character. This is proven by the fact that he goes through a noticeable and important inner change, from the beginning of the book to the end. Well, he starts off as a very clueless and naïve character. He lets himself get influenced by those surrounding him.However, as time passes by, he starts to gain confidence in himself and develops greatly as a person. He went from being an insignificant “newbie” to being called a hero by many in the Glade. He did not let anything get in his way and his determination was what caused such great change in him.
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