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Kiki Smith and Judy Pfaff

No description

Rachel Jones

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Kiki Smith and Judy Pfaff

Kiki Smith
Judy Pfaff
Kiki Smith
Judy Pfaff

Kiki Smith is an American, feminist artist who has produced a variety of paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings in her twenty year career. Her works often focus on the representation of the female form and issues of race, gender, and spiritually.
"Sueño" 1992.
Smith's drawings often focus on the internal and external portions of the human form. Her use of dark values (usually in ink) on a white background creates a strong sense of contrast.
"Black Animal Drawing" 1996-1998
Judy Pfaff is a British born sculptor, painter, draftsman and printmaker. Her large-scale installations have earned her numerous awards, and she currently teaches art at Bard College in New York.

"She seems somehow to get order and disorder working for her at the same time." - Benjamin Genocchio,
New York Times
Pfaff's work is non-representational, and consists mostly of organic, detailed forms. Like this piece, the fluidity of her lines give her work a sense of movement.
, Ink on paper
Pfaff is most well known for her large installation pieces. This blind contour line drawing shows her planning process to create a work like

Her drawings are often simple and representational, despite not being photo realistic. The composition in this piece is quite empty, making the negative space feel very important.
This composition also feels empty, but her use of white on a black background creates a sense of contrast.
Smith is perhaps most well known for her sculptures, often nudes, which generally depict the female form. The are much more realistic than her drawings, but often have the same texture.
Virgin Mary
Not many of Smith's works are colored, but even when they are there is a concentration on texture, line, and the figure over their environment.
Hall Full of Grace
Smith uses her drawing skills to create many lithograph prints, a technique that involves drawing the image first. She creates a great sense of value, even though she uses just black in many pieces.

Coming Forth
Works like this feel like they have very little visual weight. The very light mark making and little contrast does, however create a sense of unity between the figures and their environment.
Lying with the Wolf
I think part of what makes her simplified drawings successful is their interaction with their environment. In this case the sepia, crumpled paper adds to the feeling of tension in the piece.
Her sculpture is where her forms start to feel alive. They have realistic depth and form, where her drawings are more simplistic and have less dimension.
Wolf Girl, 1999
Year of the Dog, #11

Unlike Smith, Pfaff's compositions seem very full and energetic. Every space is filled, but she also utilizes the negative space in the forms of the flowers.
While most of her works aren't drawings, the line quality of prints like this one make show the drawing skill she utilizes to create them.
Year of the Dog, #8
Unlike Smith's work on feminism and spirituality, the content of Pfaff's work seems more vague. Any underlying meaning is far less discernable.
Pfaff's work has a great sense of movement. The darting, organic lines draw the eye across the page.
Pfaff's sculpture demonstrates the same sense of movement that her prints and drawings due, and all of her compositions are very full.
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