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Digital Photography Basics

No description

Ellen Helmich

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Digital Photography Basics

Photoshop Effects & Actions
You can use effects and actions into Photoshop that will make your photos look like a pro shot them! Some are built in and some you can buy on the internet. Notice the color saturation!
The Rule of Thirds
Next time you are taking photos, think about The Rule of Thirds. Don't put your subject right in the middle of the shot, divide your viewfinder into thirds and place the subject at an intersection - it adds interest!
Digital Photography Basics
Before Action
After Action
Film vs. Digital
Many argue that film photography has a depth and feel that digital photography will never match!
Affordable digital cameras and photo editing software have enabled consumers to become photography aficionados! But you don't have to be a pro to take great photos - check out these tips!

They both have advantages so it's really a personal preference!
Which is better?
Digital Nirvana
Affordable digital cameras and photo editing software like Photoshop have revolutionized consumer photography. You don't have to be a pro to take great photos. Here are some tips!
Image Credits
Film vs. Digital Wedding Photography retrieved April 20, 2015 from www.marialonghiphotographers.com
The Golden Hour
The trick to great photography is learning to master the light. Some of the best light for photography is one hour before sunset or the hour after sunrise. This is called The Golden Hour.
Film and Digital Camera image retrieved April 20, 2015 from www.skyandtelescope.com
The Rule of Thirds image retrieved April 20, 2015 from www.photoinf.com
Three Simple Tips to
Make Pictures Better!
Howcast video "Three Simple Tips to Make Pictures Better" retrieved April 21, 2015 from You Tube.
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