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Napoleon's Changes To France

No description

Tyler Soucy

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Napoleon's Changes To France

Who was Napoleon Bonaoparte?? Napoleon was a military genius and in only 4 years he became the ruler of France. During his years of ruling he had his ups and downs. He got into many fight with others and never forgave them. Changes To Religion... Before Napoleon the Revolution wanted to give the catholic church less power and have a religious tolerance. When Napoleon came along he recognized Catholicism as "faith of Frenchmen" , he signed a concordat with the Pope, and he wanted to retain seized church land. But in reality things were sorta differnt. What really happened was that religious tolerance, government control of church lands, and the government recognition of church influence. A short view on Napoleon's
changes on France. Napoleon's Changes
To France Napoleonic Code... Napoleon created a code called the "Napoleonic Code" This code stated most of the laws made. This code was infect in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and other French places. It gave laws regarding individual liberty, tenure of property, order of inheritance, mortgages, and contracts Changes In The Economy... http://www.answers.com/topic/what-was-the-code-napoleon#ixzz29Uno2QtA

Beck, Roger B. "Napoleon Forges an Empire." World History: Patterns Of Interaction. Boston: McDouglas Littell, 1999. 584+. Print. Sources... Napoleon really wanted to change the economy. The revolution had equal taxation and lower inflation. Napoleon wanted more. He wanted a fairer for tax code, national bank, stabilized currency, and gave state loans to businesses. What he got was equal taxation and stable economy.
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