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The American Election

No description

Karina Vingtoft

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of The American Election

Who do you think is going to win the election?
40 min.
The American Election

Electoral system
Democrat Candidate
Republican Candidate
The American System of Government
Who's running?
You are to make a poster of the main candidates
where you in bullet points shortly outline:
1. What party they represent
2. Who they are
3. Their experience
4. Their main political issues

Remember to include a photo of the candidate on your poster. Your poster is to be hung in your class room.
• Video: Primary elections explained (5.20 min)
o what is the most important?
5 min with person next to you
1 min plenum

The Parties
What is the most important?
How does the video make fun of Americans?
2 min
•Video: Presidential election
o what is the most important?
2 min
plenum 1 min
• Video: How the electoral college works?
o what is the most important?
2 min

• Video: What if the electoral college is tied?
o what is the most important?
2 min

The upside of The Electoral College
Why The Electoral College matters
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