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Nothing But The Truth Prezi

From White Lies to a Mess

Katie L

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Nothing But The Truth Prezi

The First Lies More Lies Build Up The Tree It branches out The Story Gets Thicker... And Starts to bear rotten fruit The Mess Grows Philip is suspended for humming in class. he is asked once to apologize and refuses. He tells a whole bunch of lies to Dr. Palleni including "Ya well it's sort of a patriotic thing with me." This is the lie that later on the whole scandal will be based upon. But, Philip wasn't really being patriotic. He was trying to tick Ms. Narwin off to see if she would kick him out for using his rights as an American. He was mad about his English grade, and was trying to do something about it. Philip tells his first lie to Allison on the phone. He wants to talk to her but can't find anything to say. He starts to rant about how bad "Call of the Wild" was. He says, "This really mean dog. . . he grabs it and starts to run away." The truth would have impacted the story greatly. This lie made Allison mad, because she really liked the book "The Call of the Wild." Philip looses some of his worth to Allison and it makes him mad. This causes him to act out more. Why couldn't Philip have just swallowed his pride and told the truth? Next, Philip lies to his dad about why he doesn't want to run on the track team, or rather why he can't. He tells him, "Just because you did it doesn't mean I have too." This totally hurts Mr.Malloy and doesn't give Philip many brownie points either. If he had told his dad the truth then they would be able to work something out maybe, and Philip could get on the track team. Instead, Philip starts to use his anger in hurtful ways. From White Lies to a Mess After Ms. Narwin, Dr. Palleni, and Dr. Doane get together to discuss the papers, they come to a conclusion that Philip was in the wrong. They start to interview students about what really happened. Ken says, "Just singing," when Dr. Doane interviews him, but admits he didn't really hear him. Also, Allison says "Well it was so obvious he (Philip) was trying to get at her." So, Ken's comment hurt Ms. Narwin, while Allison's helped her. They were conflicting statements, so whose was the real truth? See how so many lies and misconceptions can cloud even the truth that once was as clear as day? Meanwhile, the news spreads to radio shows and newspapers across the country, with only Philip's side of the story. The Harrison County Schools try to issue statements with the truth, but they are overlooked. This big mess must have some consequences. They are not in the favor of Ms. Narwin though. She begins receiving telegrams denouncing her teaching and telling her to leave. Worst of all Dr. Doane starts to side with the majority. She even tells Ms. Narwin, "Why don't you take tomorrow off?" Also, the statements issued are perceived as not being in favor of Ms. Narwin. Some times lies become so convincing that even peole like Dr.Doane believe them. Dr. Doane lies though and says she still supports Ms.Narwin. Nothing But the Truth Philip's lies continue to come out when truth would have been better. He is extremely mad about not being able to run on the track team. He tells Coach Jamison that it's all because of Ms. Narwin. When in fact earlier in the book he said "I won't waste time on English." He wasn't going to try in the first place, so why does he blame it on the teacher? Also, when Ms. Narwin is told the truth about her grant (she isn't getting it) she is glad they told her straight out. It would be worse if they had avoided the truth and kept her waiting. The Truthful Statements of the Officials are Contradictory. This is where the truth starts coming into play. All of the officials that the reporter contacts initially tell the truth, what they know. The bad thing is, all of the supposed truths contradict. This shows that the school board is not communicating with the schools. For example: Dr. Seymour says "Of course not!" When the reporter asks him "Does the Harrison school district have a rule that forbids students from singing "The Star Spangled Banner?"". Dr. Palleni then lies and says "I did no such thing!" When asked about suspending Philip for SINGING. WHich, he technically didnt do. Dr. Doane doesn't even know about the suspension Uh Oh! The Word Spreads The reporter prints the crazy lies in the morning paper. Also, Ted Griffen gets a word in about Philip in his campaign speech for school board. These lies are spreading, and spreading fast. A reporter never even comes to ask Ms. Narwin her side of the story. She is cast as the villan, even though she never wanted to suspend Philip and is a good teacher. In fact she says, "During the playing of the national anthem he sang. Loudly." This is a lie. Ms. Narwin knows Philip was humming but she just wants to put blame on him because the story isn't blowing over quickly, like she hoped. If she had told the truth, then people might have shared her views. The Truth Finally Comes Out He makes it even worse when he starts to lie to the reporter. He knows full well that he was humming not singing, but insists he was singing anyway. In fact, before the incident with the reporter, Philip's classmate Tod Becker says, "Thought you said singing." Phil had told him "Well i started to sing it. . . she told me to stop. . . . humming." Se how when you have told a lie for so long, and you tell the truth it really impacts how people react. It makes a big difference. At the end of the book, Philip could have told his dad and everyone else the truth. It would have saved many people's feelings and set a lot of false beliefs straight. Besides, the only side of the story people were listening to was Philips. Instead he kept up with his lie, and let Ms. Narwin go to Florida without even apologizing. He switches schools, but low and behold everyone has heard of him there to. They actually sing the anthem and he finally blurts out the truth "I don't know the words," when asked to sing. He is guilty, and the convicted Ms. Narwin is innocent. Just think about what would have happened if everyone had told the truth from the beginning!
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