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Rain Forest Destruction

No description

Keila Jauregui

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Rain Forest Destruction

Rainforest Destruction
This presentation is about the rainforest destruction. A lot of rainforest are destroy and I'm going to tell you some reasons and some examples. As you know rainforests are really important to our environment they cover almost our whole planet!
Whats the problem?

of humans that don't care about our
are the main cause of rainforest destruction. We are cutting down rainforests for many reasons, including:
* Land
*Road Construction

And more.

Why are rainforests important?
Rainforest are important because they provide a habit for animals and plants. They also regulate our climate. They help prevent soil erosion. They provide a home for indigenous people.
Here are some pictures of rainforest that used to be but their gone because of humans:
Is there a solution to this problem?
Yes, there's totally a solution to this big problem! But its really hard for some people because they need to change their ways of living in this planet.
What is the solution to this enormous problem?
There are many ways you can help the rainforest. First of all you should educate yourself about the environment. You could also help by using a lot less firewood and recycling paper and paper products. It is also a good idea to collect money or just some spare change to buy an acre of the rainforest, which will then be protected from harm. Most importantly, you should educate other people about the rainforest and make them aware of the negative effects we could feel from its destruction.
Why is the destruction of rainforest a serious problem?
It will be gone forever once its totally destroyed, and all the animals that live there will die, too.

The Rainforests are where a large portion of the oxygen is produced on the planet, and where carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. The loss of these forests is upsetting the
of the planet. With no oxygen, animals will all die.
Please watch with attention
We can change this! We can take care of our planet!
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