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Mimi Mei

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of SCIENCEEEE

Coral Reef Calcification Photosynthesis:
CO2+H2O --> CH2O+O2(Carbon Dioxide, Coral Reefs, and Climate Change, n.d.)

makes plants green plants and algae take in, or absorb,carbon dioxide, and use chlorophyll to convert it to sugar(CH2O) Respiration:
CH2O+O2 --> CO2+H2O (Carbon Dioxide, Coral Reefs, and Climate Change, n.d.) plants produce carbon dioxide while they produce useful energy, or during cellular respiration Calcification:
2HCO3^- + Ca^2+ --> CaCO3+CO2+H2O (Carbon Dioxide, Coral Reefs, and Climate Change, n.d.)

when calcium ions merge with bicarbonate, limestone, or calcium carbonate.
building block of coral reefs the more calcium carbonate a coral reef produces, the bigger it gets
(Carbon Dioxide, Coral Reefs, and Climate Change, n.d.) WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEANNN??? Well there are a couple different formulas that explain the calcification process.. a little bit of background on
coral reefs. all the numbers? really? are you joking? YES. total joke. pheww:) hah. just kidding. if those numbers weren't there then maybe i wouldn't be here. and maybe you wouldn't be here. if we could just pick and choose what mass and matter we wanted, that would be okay, but we can't. Neither mass, nor matter, can be created nor destroyed. so that's why we're stuck balancing equations? pretty much. CO2+H2O --> CH2O+O2 reactant product don't forget! those are the things that get put together. think of it as... baking soda and vinegar. together, they REACT the FINAL result. so with the baking soda and vinegar, a huge mess. so it's sorta hard to show it on the computer, but the big number after the letters is supposed to be a tiny number on the bottom left hand corner, yaa know, a subscript, it tells you how many there are. so back to the equation: CO2+H2O --> CH2O+O2 on the left hand side, the reactants, there is a total of 1 C (Carbon), 3 O (Oxygen), and 2 H (Hydrogen) TESTTT how many of each are going to be on the product side? same amount. DUHH:)
you can't make more or take any away! that was pretty nice. because i could've been tricky. you see, sometimes equations have a different amount on both sides. but that only lasts so long. when they have different numbers on both sides, they're called UNBALANCED the good ones, that have been all fixed, are called BALANCED to balance an equation is quite simple. just put coefficients, or numbers in front of the symbols, and solve the puzzle to make both sides matchh. so one quick question WHY SHOULD I CARE? when the coral slows down the speed at which it absorbs the calcium, the whole reef's growning speed slows down dramatically. yeahh so what. the coral grows slow. see how much i care? not at all. that's exactly where the problem comes in. our coral reefs are destroyed all the time, little by little for all kinds of different reasons. usually, the coral reefs grow fast enough to relenish themselves, but if they don't grow fast enough, we could lose them forever. ohh. uhh. yikes... see! and the problem is us. when we release so much carbon dioxide into the atomosphere, this is what one of the causes of the calcification is. the leading causes of the carbon dioxide pollution are burning of fossil fuels for things like cars and energy so you know that one thing. the great coral barrier reef? yeah. that's the one. ive always wanted to go there you know. but maybe i wont be able to, they say that in the next 40 years the coral will be 35% gone. all the amazing pictures, stories, scuba diving and snorkeling adventures that attract tourism and bring lots of people their only income. we can kiss that goodbye now cant we. just change all you have to do is change some simple habits good bye hairspray, hello hybrid cars:) put in a little effort, if each of us does, then maybe one day our kids, grandkids, and even greatgrandkids will get to see... the coral reefs:)
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