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No description

Sydney Robson

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Cinder

Antagonist Cinder By Sydney Robson, Devin Gillespie
Claudia VanBolhuis, and Bailey Bleser The Setting Summary Passages Slide Our Opinion Cinder's eyes caught on something , a dark spot bellow Peony's collarbone, just visible above the collar on her shirt. "Hold still,"she said,reaching forward. Peony did just the opposite, panicking and swiping at phantoms on her chest.

This is important because it is a very important part of the story and is mentioned throughout the story. Claudia- Theme Slide The Biggest theme of the story is to accept differences,
and to not to make judgments.

This is important to the novel because Cinder is a cyborg and is treated differently by society for it even though on the in side she is very special and needed by society. The Characters Vocabulary Slide Cinder- She is the main character and is a cyborg. She doesn't remember much from before her operation and is always learning new things about herself. It's 126 years after World War IIII. Cinder, a cyborg and mechanic ,lives in New Beijing with her stepmother and two stepsisters. When her stepsister catches letumosis, a deadly plague that no one has survived, her stepmother blames her. Adri, Cinder's stepmother, volunteers Cinder to help find the cure. They inject her with the plague. She miraculously survives.
Meanwhile, the emperor has letumosis. Queen Levana, the Lunar queen, is threatening war. And she has a plan. Read the book to see the surprise ending. Written by Marissa Meyer By:Bailey Bleser He withdrew his finger, tapping his lip."Now do you see what is peculiar?" "The fact that I'm not dead and you don't seem concerned being in the same room as me," responded Cinder.
"Yes in a way."He faced her rubbing his head through his wool hat. "As you can see the microbes are gone."

This is an important part of the book because it is when Cinder finds out she is immune to the plague, and that was Cinder's first step in finding out who she really is. Sydney- Bailey- Devin- Overall, I liked the book. I thought that the ending could have been better. It did not feel complete. I thought the book was well-written. It was a great book, and was a good read even for boys. It was one of those book that made me turn the page Prosthetic By the time it was extracted far enough for her to wrencch free her prosthetic steel hand, the hairline threads had been stripped clean. word sentence from book definition reason chose This word was chosen because it told a lot about who Cinder was and explained her more. an artificial body part The man and women appeared in their thaumaturge uniforms, and the guard she had shot, undeterred by his oozing wound. Thaumaturge This word was chosen because my group was curious to know its meaning. a worker of wonder and miracles. Salivating She found herself salivating over the sticky buns. This word was chosen because I thought it was an interesting word. Displaying great relish at the sight or prospect of something. Quarantine Letumosis Quarantine: Patients and andriods only beyond this point. This word was chosen because it appeared a lot within the book. A state, period,or placein which people ot animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to an Infectious disease or Contagious disease are placed. Excrement The stench of excrement and rot reached out to her as she stepped into the warehouse. This word was chosen because it reminded my group of science because we were learning about the Excretory System. Waste matter discharged from the bowels. Raspberried Sticking his tongue out between his teeth, he raspberried his disappointment. This word was chosen because it was an interesting word. No definition. Unenthusiastic By Devin Unenthusiastic applause shifted through the crowd. This word was chosen because it was very descriptive of the crowd's applause. With no or lacking enthusiasm, cheer Cinder always had something happening while you are waiting in suspense for the answer to something else, I loved that about it.The part I did not like about the book was the ending, it seemed unfinished, you were still in suspense. I thought the book was amazing. It really caught my attention and left me on the edge of my seat. I feel that it was extremely well written and easy to understand. It is a great book for all people. Queen Levana- She is the evil queen of Luna that likes messing with peoples minds. She always gets what she wants when she wants and if she doesn't, someone has to pay the consequences. Prince Kai- He is the heir to the throne of New Bejing that goes to Cinder when his beloved android breaks down. He eventually becomes emotionally attached to Cinder and is too afraid of losing her. By:Bailey Bleser Adri- She is Cinder's evil legal guardian, who blames Cinder for the death of her beloved husband. That is one of the many reasons she feels a need to enter Cinder into the cyborg draft. Cinder lives in futuristic New Bejing, 126 years after the fourth World War. New Bejing is similar to Bejing today with a fabulous palace where the royal family lives. Everyday life is quite normal with hovercars zooming down the streets and androids caring for peoples needs. Cinder works in the town square which is always full of booths and people. She says you can almost always smell the pleasant fragrance of the bread being baked across the square. While Earth seems to be peaceful, the letumosis plague leave a dreary atmosphere over everyone but the Lunars. By:Sydney Robson By: Sydney Robson "Well..."irritation burst inside her. "What's your point?" Dr.Erlands eyes softened, trying to comfort her. "Miss Linh, from your blood samples I have deduced that you are Lunar." This is an important part of the story because Cinder finds out that she is Lunar. L
a Protagonists
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