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AN project - Advocacy North

No description

Lauri Beekmann

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of AN project - Advocacy North

Learning Laboratory
Advocacy North
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
How to best use information that the network has?
How to help member organisations implement working alcohol policies in their countries?
How to best utilise the resources we have?
Nothing important slips through fingers and stays unnoticed
Meetings using different communication tools like:
A team of people representing NordAN member organisatyions and partners from different Northern Dimension countries.
What is going on in our countries?
thematic journalistic articles, newsletters and positions papers on what we find to be the most important national and regional challenges and what we propose to do about it from an AN-project point of view
Thematic articles, detailed analysises
in-depth analysises
audio-video podcasts
Different formats to reach as many as possible
Northern point of view
What to do to activate NordAN member organisations?
How to really advocate?
Facebook group
Cooperation with member country existing teams, magazines, researchers, newsletter editors.
For a proper international reaction we need all the information available.
Regular updated web based report
NGO ALCOHOL policy progress report
easy to read
also for people with lack of time and
with little knowledge on the topic
Joint advocacy action
Team will pick up most important cases
Analysing the situation
What are the needs in this country?
How the NordAN network could react?
What to learn from it?
How the international network can mobilise itself to help one!
How to turn information into action!
Keeping an eye on the alcohol policy developments in the light of official promises and agreements
Signed international action plans and strategies
National strategies
Alcohol Industry action
RESULT: Efficient NGO advocacy
Presentation meetings seminars
Empowerment. NGOs. Advocacy.
THE MAIN AIM of the NordAN 11th annual conference is to reinforce the argumentation and advocacy skills of Nordic and Baltic NGOs in alcohol and drug Policy.
Building stronger NGO advocacy capacity in time of crisis
Short term - 2013
Long term
Inspire and bring about the political changes that will secure adaption of national alcohol policy strategies to prevent and reduce the harm done by alcohol - by bring down the overall alcohol consumption.
The main purpose is to form effective, regional corporation to support at least implementation of already signed inter governmental agreements, especially the WHO Europe Action Plan 2012-2020.
Stabilizing the team of the AN project and focus on National Alcohol Policy plans and supporting Nordic Council alcohol policy initiatives.
Global Alcohol Strategy
European Alcohol Action Plan
Project coordination
Regular project progress report will enable NordAN board to be the main decisive body of the AN project.
Knowledgne base of alcohol policy measures
Passionate concerned NGO-s
Governments, actions, frameworks
Social aspects should be recognized as a key issue and the term passive drinking should be presented and be used as a consolidated rationale for future action and thus be one of the basic arguments in this project.
Alcohol expert group
NCD Expert Group
Alcohol expert group
WHO Europe Office
Important external partners - civil servants
Alcohol in Europe
Database infosystem
What are innovative ways to advocate?
Alcohol policy in times of crises
Nordic Councils Welfare Committee
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