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joyce ong

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Sony

History of Sony
Work Cited
Sony's Corporate Social
Responsibility Initiatives...
supports children’s photo project

holds workshops for children in different countries (ex: Ethiopia)

Sony's Entertainment Centre
Composed of a 32' Bravia LCD TV, and a Blu Ray Disc DVD players with all the latest movies.
There have placed 11 Entertainment Centres in Children's hospitals across Canada .
Sony placed these Entertainment Centres in hospitals to try and ease the stress and anxiety of staying in a hospital.
The Global Fund
innovative program to help support the prevention of HIV and AIDS in Tanzania

Sony team up with the Global Fund and the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)
Dream Goal 2010
"Building a better future for Africa"
Sony teamed up with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Outdoor public screenings
Ticket Fund programme
Jolley Trolley Program
99% recycled plastic
Made from recycled DVDs and TV screens
CO2 emissions cut by 77.3%

This is a partnership program with Rogers. Plus to provide 40 Jolley Trolley carts in 34 hospitals.
They created this to take the childrens mind off of their illness for a little bit.
Composed of: 32' Bravia LCD TV , a PS3, and a Blu Ray disc DVD player with the latest movies.
Employee care & wellness
Contributions to local and global community
Millenium Development Goals and the Corporation
Sony has worked with Make a Wish foundation to help accomplish Lucas' dream.
the Global Fund
Volunteering +U
Dream Goal 2010 for Africa
Using photography to educate children
3D photos aid rainforest conservation
Supporting young eco minds
SoRPlas – 99% recycled plastic
The History
CSR initiatives
Development goals & corporation
Grading the corporation
Sony also works locally in Japan (Headquarters).
Sony also adopted the "Company with Committees" corporate system under the company's act of Japan.
Sony is also working with the Japanese government to help end poverty and focus on stopping the spread of HIV AIDS (which is one of their millennium goals).
Thank you for Listening
By: Sifonia, Joyce and Huda
How/When did it start?
Sony was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka from Toyko. He invested in a bombed store and sold electronics. within a year he had up to 8 employees
Head Office
In 1947, he met with an old colleague, Akio Morita. They then worked together to expand the company
Their first product was a Japanese first ever tape recorder. They named it Tape-G
What does Sony do to help its region where its headquarters are located?
In 1979 they created the worlds first portable music player, the Walkman
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Sony's Millenium Goals...

In 1968 Sony created the Trinitron KV-1310, it had many people talking because of the bright pictures it displayed.
Loacted in Minato, Japan
Who owns them and what is the share value?
Osamu Nagayama (Chairman of the Board)
Kazuo Hirai (President & CEO)
share value is currently $19.48 as of october 29 2013
Track recording
Sony had made a risky move by hiring a well known music producer, Rick Rubin in 2007 to run Columbia Records label. Sony has learned that even the best the best players, don't always make the best choices.

Blu-ray was founded in 2003 and was the first consumer-use digital video camcorder in the world.

In the early 2000s, PlayStations had a financial difficulty due to the increase in technology today. The company was told they "lack of resilience" and "inability to gauge the economy." -Financial Times

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