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Types of Dances

Three different types of damces!

sarah kudeviz

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Types of Dances

Types of Dances Ballet Hip-hop Jazz Hip hop is a very intense kind of dance!
It is a street dance that uses all parts of the
body and is a combination of all dances.
Hip hop is common among teens and in non
professional settings. It is difficult, very physically demanding, and a LOT of fun! Ballet is one of the most
physically and time consuming dances. It takes many hours of practice combined with discipline and grace. Most young girls will start out with ballet, but only a few make it to the professional level. Jazz is fun kind of dance! Famous
for the "jazz hands", jazz dancers are
very upbeat and excited. Almost all
choreographed dances include some
jazz moves. There is traditional and
modern jazz, but both are great! Sarah Kudeviz
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