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Rio de Oro - Western sahara

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marcela palma

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Rio de Oro - Western sahara

Rio de Oro - Western sahara
Researches made on 2005, showed that 273,000 was the estimated number of people who lived in Rio de Oro.

However in the latest research (2013), it was calculated that there are 538,811 people, and most of them live in the largest city of western Sahara, El Aaiun.

National Anthem
O sons of the Sahara! In the battlefield, you are torch holders in the long road
Make revolution in our nation and follow this path for her sake.
Cut off the head of the invader. Cut off the head of the invader.
O revolutionaries, the homeland will be glorious. Cut off the estates in this region.
Remove in war the causes for protest and abandon it; no submission, no yielding.
No agent, no invader, no agent, no invader.
You who ask about us: we are the ones who drive the transforming struggle.
We are the ones who smash that idol, we are the ones who understand the beautiful lesson.
We are the people of the path; we are the people of the path.
We are the ones who revealed the path against the raid, the one that burns up the raiders.
It is the war to erase the oppressor and establish the right of the laborers.
We are the people of the path; We are the people of the path.
The uprising is for the people and will advance in the Arab lands.
It will produce unity forever in the hearts and will establish justice and democracy.
Every century, every generation, every century, every generation.
Rio de Oro is located in the northwestern part of Africa.
It is bordered west by the Atlantic ocean, east and south by Saharan territory (Mauritania), northeast by Algeria and north with Morocco..
The climate in Western Sahara, is very arid, and there is a lot of changing in the temperature, because it is nearly a desert, at night it is normally in 0° C but in the afternoon is nearly over 50° C.
this anthem is called "O Sons of the Sahara" and it was adopted in the year 1976.

this is a tricolor flag, with 3 stripes of equal size (black, white and green) and a red triangle in the left side of it.
it also has a figure that looks like half of the moon and a star, which are symbols of islam.
in the year 2000 was estimated that this were the different religions practiced in this country.
Muslim 99.4%,
Christian 0.16%,
non-religious 0.31%
Colonial History
1884- Spain declares Rio de Oro as their colony
1885- spanish government is placed in rio de oro
1900- spain and france signed a convention that stated the line between what was rio de oro and mauritania
1904- Spain tried to expand the territory of Rio de Oro, but it was a failed attempt
1912- final european meeting to define african territory
1945- the interest of spanish people for exploring mines in saharan territory started to grow. scientific expeditions started
1946- spanish sahara is separated from the spanish protectorate in morroco.
1947- Manuel Alía, found iron phosphates and other kind of minerals in Saharan lands
1957-1958- war between spanish army and different saharan native groups.
1960- mauritania becomes independent from france
1975- rio de oro was now independent from the spanish power
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