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Our Urban Futures: Reclaiming streets for people (From urban smog to urban life)

Our Urban Futures Ideas Competition

Sara Aly

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Our Urban Futures: Reclaiming streets for people (From urban smog to urban life)

We have to obtain a holistic perspective through community feedback and their participation before, during and after the process. Only with full public participation in the creation of these spaces can truly great places come into being. in order this to work out; BUT From urban smog to urban life Reclaiming streets for people 1. The Issue Is one of the key issues affecting the quality
of the urban environment in Cairo. The heavy motor traffic The Deterioration of public spaces Which caused Which negatively impacted the urban, social and environmental balance. Through reclaiming our 2. The Vision So how can we provide urban spaces, to foster sustainable livelihoods and to improve the citizen's quality of life? STREETS By readdressing more effective uses of the urban road space Streets are the fundamental public space in every city, the lifeblood of social and economic exchange. Yet today, more and more streets are simply choked with car traffic vying for space with pedestrians and bicyclists. Local traffic would be adequately redirected. The partial closure of some downtown streets to convert them into car free zones and vibrant public spaces, safe for walking and cycling, retrofitted with public provisions such as seating, shading and shopping facilities. These spaces are both created and maintained by its residents, and will be supported by the government in the form of small scale financing. as places for people
As they should not be just for vehicles, but a hierarchy of different street types, from quiet neighborhood lanes to major boulevards. Three approaches could be applied on streets depending on their location and their public needs Insertion Conversion Revitalization 3. The Plan
Insert alternative modes of transport (Public transport - cycling and walking), in order to reduce the dominance of the private car. Revitalizing small neighborhood streets to be places where parents feel safe letting their children play, by prioritizing pedestrians. The Result Creating more livable urban environment with sustainable self-contained neighborhoods where everyday needs, and services are accessible by walking or cycling, thus expanding social cohesion and reducing environmental degradation. Now Proposed Now Proposed Now Proposed Now
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