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The Human Centipede 2; Full Sequence!

Aristoltle's Poetics~

Cheyenne Johnson

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The Human Centipede 2; Full Sequence!

In the tollbooth of a parking garage in rainy London, Martin Lomax – a short, obese, asthmatic man in his 40s – is watching The Human Centipede (First Sequence) on his laptop, a film he is obsessed with, and he keeps a centipede in a glass terrarium and maintains a detailed scrapbook of the film. Martin lives with his suicidal mother who constantly yells at him and blames him for having his father put in prison for both physically and sexually abusing Martin when he was a boy. Dr. Sebring, Martin's doctor, also touches him inappropriately and prescribes heavy medication.
Martin acquires a dingy, dimly-lit warehouse after killing the man who is leasing it and begins abducting people from the car park to use as for his own human centipede by knocking them unconscious with a crowbar, then binding their hands and feet with tape and driving them to the warehouse. His victims include an aggressive young man and his girlfriend; a man who complains about the automatic teller machines having no cash; two drunk party girls; a neighbor who has threatened Martin and his mother with violence when she complains about his loud music; a rich man and his pregnant wife; a cab driver and prostitute who happens to be servicing Dr. Sebring in Martin's car park; and finally, Ashlynn Yennie, the actress who played Jenny in the first film (now playing herself, having been lured by Martin under the pretense of a film audition). Martin kills the cabbie and shoots Dr. Sebring in the genitals and head, and also kills his mother.
With twelve victims, Martin begins assembling his "centipede". Martin severs the tendons in each person's knees to prevent them from fleeing and uses a hammer to knock out their teeth. He slices open the butt of the victims using filthy kitchen utensils, and then uses a staple gun and duct tape to attach each person's face to the next person's butt. During the assembly process, the pregnant woman is presumed dead while another victim bleeds to death; Martin places both of them in the corner of the room under a sheet of tarp. PLOT Critique Critique I thought the movie was terrible. It was kind of graphic. When I first begin watching it I knew he was crazy within the first 5 minutes because he was watching the ending of the human centipede and when it was over he left his tollbooth and attacked a couple and put them in a van. The movie is very gross. It's just so disturbing and it was kind of boring. The movie didn't even have a good plot it didn't have much suspence either. For like the first hour od the movie it was just Martin collecting his victims but nothing else really happens. The movie was honestly a waste of time. Laurence R. Harvey as Martin Lomax
Description: He is a short, obese, asthmatic man in his 40s. He also suffered during his childhood because when he was a young boy his father both sexually and physically abused him. Dr. Sebring, Martin's doctor, also touches him inappropriately and prescribes heavy medication.
Opinion: I think he's crazy. I know he had a horrible childhood but I don't think that's a good excuse to kill a whole bunch of people and perform surgery on them and make them eat each other's poop and also rape someone. I don't like him at all. Characters Vivien Bridson as Mrs. Lomax
Description: She is suicidal and is constantly yelling at Martin and blaming him for having his father put in prison.
Opinion: I don't know much about this character but I don't really like her becuase she's very mean and constantly yelling. I thought the movie was absolutely sick however so sick it was slightly amazing at how creative someone can be to come up with something like that. Marvin, the guy with a mental disorder has an awkward fetish for the human centipede (original film/ #1) and wants to betray it in his life. So he gets 12 people to be in his centipede vs. 3 in the original. A 12 people chain sounds and IS horrendous although, pretty clever. It's not your every day average film. After performing the crude procedure, Martin, now clad only in his underwear and a doctor’s coat, begins experimenting with his "human centipede". Martin force-feeds Ashlynn soup using a funnel and tubing after she refuses to eat from a bowl. Worried that her screams for help might be heard, Martin tears her tongue out with a pair of pliers. Martin then injects each victim with a syringe of laxative, forcing each individual in the chain to explosively evacuate their bowels into the mouth of the person behind them. He laughs happily while mocking and taunting them, but the smell eventually causes Martin to vomit.
Martin then wraps his penis in barbed wire and rapes the woman at the rear of the centipede. As he finishes, the pregnant woman wakes and runs outside screaming, apparently in labour and bleeding from her vagina. She leaps into a victim’s car outside and births her child into the car's foot well as Martin tries to get in. As the engine starts, she throws the vehicle into reverse and stomps on the accelerator, crushing the baby's skull under the pedal. Meanwhile, the neighbor rips his face from the person in front of him, separating the "centipede" into two halves. Martin returns and begins shooting all the victims. He runs out of ammunition, then uses a knife to slit the throats of the remaining victims. As Martin advances on Ashlynn he appears to give pause, drops the knife and kneels in front of her. She then punches him in the genitals, shoves the funnel into Martin's rectum, and drops his pet centipede into it. In agony, Martin stabs Ashlynn in the face and staggers out, screaming. Ashlynn is seen slightly moving afterwards, implying she may not have died.
The scene cuts back to the toll booth, as Martin, looking the same as before the creation of his "centipede", is watching the credits of First Sequence on his laptop, leaving the audience to decide if the events really happened or were only in Martin's head. Plot Continued` The actors in the movie spoke with a British accent but they spoke typical American English. Diction Thought I could tell the characters thoughts through their actions. For example, when Martin completed his human centipede he was dancing and clapping so I knew he had happy thoughts. But when his mom was yelling at him and he looked at her with a "I wanna kill you look" I could tell he wanted to kill her. Also, when a person was being attacked by Martin I could tell they were scared because they kept screaming and had a terrified look on their face. The movie was very slow... when we were watching I couldn't wait for it to end. The last 30 minutes was when he started putting the human centipede together. The first hour of the movie was just Martin collecting his victims. It had no suspense whatsoever. You could basically predict everything he was going to do before he did it. Could of been faster paced and had some suspense. Would of made the movie a lot better. Melody I watched the movie with my best friend so that made the movie a little better. I also had food with me so that kept me occupied when a gross part came up and I didn't want to see it. I would just concentrate on my food. Having my friend with my also helped me because we would make jokes about it and it made it more interesting somehow. Spectacle Bill Hutchens as Dr. Sebring
Description: The doctor of Martin Lomax. He tends to touch Martin inappropriately.
Opinion: The doctor is such a creep. I did not like him in this movie at all.

Ashlynn Yennie as herself / Human centipede No. 1
Description: A young actress looking to play in a sequel to The Human Centipede yet gets herself into the real thing not knowing it.
Opinion: She was such a good actress throughout this whole movie. I think she was my favorite character through the whole movie because even though her role was horrible, how she acted in them was just funny and made the movie more bearable. Characters Continued: The Human Centipede 2:
Full Sequence
By: Tom Six Presentation by:
Yulissa Urias
Cheyenne Johnson Martin Lomax Matin and Ashlynn Mrs. Lomax Dr. Sebring and Martin I watched this movie with my best friend at my house and watching it with her made the movie so much fun. Her face throughout the movie was pure hilarious. Then her crying at one certain point in the movie, oh geez, best thing. As for the movie, my thoughts on it are: it was a horrible movie. It could have been so much better. It's so sick, disgusting and everything however! I loved it due to it's awkward creativity and isn't like every other movie you watch. It's not a romantic love story that has the same basic morals EVERY love story has. It's a horror movie that literally creeps you out. Served its purpose but in a horrible way. :) Spectacle Enjoy this creepy trailer :) TRAILER Antagonist: Martin Lomax
Protagonist(s): Everyone in the centipede, Mrs. Lomax.. Basically everyone they showed who ended up dying.
Conflict: Martin wants to make a centipede; how? TERMS:
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