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The Canadian Red Cross

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nick stelmach

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of The Canadian Red Cross

Red Cross First Aid. The Experience to Make a Difference.
The Mission
The Canadian Red Cross mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.
The Red Cross Foundation is improving the situation of the most vulnerable throughout the world.
Who Are They Helping?
Where Are They Helping?
Disaster Management
Health and wellness and injury prevention
Informing people on humanitarian issues
Capacity Building
-The Red Cross is not only limited to people in Canada. There are also volunteers in 188 countries throughout the world.
-There are over 6600 volunteers in Ontario
-Over 22,000 volunteers throughout Canada
-More than 13 Million Volunteers worldwide
-On May 8th, many people celebrate the World Red Cross Red Crescent Day to recognize the good work the Movement does throughout the world
-The World Red Cross Red Crescent Day is on May 8th because that is the birthday of the founder of the CRC (Henry Dunand)
-Henry founded it in 1896
-The Red Cross has won the Nobel Peace Prize FOUR times. In 1917, 1944 and in 1963, as well as the award to Henry Dunand in 1901.
For anyone who needs medical equipment to live safely at home, the Red Cross provides aids such as:

- Wheelchairs
- Walkers
- Bath seats and benches
- Commodes and toilet seats
- Crutches and canes
- Bed handles
- Other durable medical equipment

HELP is a volunteer-supported, community-based service that is made possible through the support of health authorities, donations of used equipment, financial donations, and the efforts of thousands of volunteers and professional staff.
Sample Products
Another way the Canadian Red Cross raises funds is by selling products that advertise their organization
Canadian Red Cross Patch
Canadian Red Cross Pin
Canadian Red Cross Necklace
Canadian Red Cross
Ontario Office
PO Box 4000
Mississauga, ON
L5M 9Z9
Ontario Office Address
Phone Number
Online Website Address

Donations to the Canadian Red Cross can be made either online, on the phone, or by mail.
Financial Info, Local Contact information, Website Info
September 21, 2010, Hurricane Igor drenched Newfoundland and Labrador destroying many roads and homes. The Canadian Red Cross provided emergency aid to over 700 people. Two hundred households received additional financial aid.
Their organization is transparent, open and accountable in reporting how your donations are used to make a difference in the lives of those that need our help. The Canadian Red Cross Society received a grade of A+ in every category, including overall charity efficiency, fundraising efficiency, and governance and transparency from Money Senses 2012 Canadian charity rating report. They were also among only two charities that appeared on both the biggest and top-rated charities lists. These accomplishments prove that you, their donors, can have confidence in the fact that your dollars are used to make the greatest possible impact in the lives of Canadians and those they help around the world.
How Effective is the CRC
Case Study
The Canadian Red Cross also offers courses like
First Aid and CPR at Home
Workplace First Aid Training
Babysitting-First Aid and Caregiving Skills
First Aid Instructor
Swimming Lessons
Swimming Instructor
Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention

The Canadian Red Cross Offers an extensive network of programs and services that serve local communities throughout the country.
The CRC was founded in 1896 by Dr. George Sterling Ryerson. Since then they have aided during the WW1
Interesting Facts
I chose the Canadian Red Cross as my NGO to present simply because it is one of the more well known NGO's. I remember watching Celebrity Apprentice and observing that many celebrities were raising money for the American Red Cross Foundation. Seeing as these stars were trusting their money with the Red Cross, I knew that it was a legitimate and reliable NGO.
Why I Chose The Canadian Red Cross
By: Jacob Stelmach
Posters and Brochures
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