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No description

Hani Coke

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of TEST

LEHMAN BROTHER'S 1844 1850 1858 1906 1969 Characters 1930 1960 1980's 1977 1970 1990's 2003 Video Richard Fuld Erin Callan Ian lowitt Henry Lehman Mayer Lehman Emmanuel Lehman Repo 105 If everything goes as badly as it could simultaneously it will be awful, but at least at the moment a lot of people have money they are willing to [l]end to us and if we close them quickly it will make a difference. I do think we need to get on a 'war footing.' [James] Merli and the guys on the desk are panicky and that is feeding back into fid and outside the firm. Need people to be confident. I would describe my position based on what I know today as anxious but not panicky. Also the discipline we had post 1998 about funding completely dissipated which adds to the alarm. Any Questions?
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