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gs students

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Pakistan

Pakistan is located between Iraq , Iran , India , and Afganistan. The capital of Pakistan is Islambad
Pakistan's Geography
Pakistan's Government + Religion
Pakistan's government is called The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Gov. type is federal republic.95% of Pakistan's religion is muslim. The other 5% is Buddist , Christain and a few other religions I cant spell.
Fun Fact:
For some reason America doesn't have a Prime Minister, but Pakistan has one (Nawaz Sharif)
Pakistan's Resources
Pakistan has a rich natural amount of gemstones , gold , coal , gas , and gemstones. Pakistan has a minor amount of the following : oil , iron , titanium , and aluminum.Pakistan also has some Petrol oil reserves. Most mineral ores found are forged from the town , Saindak
Pakistan's Population
Pakistan's population consists of a whopping 182.1 million people living in this medium sized country. Pakistan also has the largest refugee population from countries all around
Pakistan's President (Mamnoon Hussian)
My opinion
When I first had to type a report on Pakistan, I thought it was just one other medium sized country with nothing good in it. Well I was wrong. In my opinion Pakistan has some amazing geography and peaks you mostly wont see anywhere else.
Thanks for looking at my prezi
Yum a potato
this is me smiling
Pakistan has some very tall peaks. Some are tallest in the world.Pakistan also has landscapes varying to plains to deserts or forests or hills. This country contains your everyday landscapes
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