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Problems within the Foster Care System

Research assignment for Early Childhood Careers and Education.

lauren isom

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Problems within the Foster Care System

Problems within the Foster Care System Presented by: Lauren Isom Foster Care: the raising or supervision of foster children, as orphans or delinquents, in an institution, group home, or private home, usually arranged through a government or social-service agency that provides remuneration for expenses. Over 500,000 children in the United States are currently in foster care. Reasons children are placed into foster care: Neglect
Physical harm
Emotional Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Continuously putting child in dangerous situations
Severe behavioral problems in the child
Parental abandonmen
Parental Illness
Alcohol/substance abuse
Death of a parent Foster care systems often go un-noticed within the communities. Often times they lack resources, financial and other needed supports. Two thirds of the foster care population is made up of African-American children. African American children also remain in foster care longer. Many states encourage the parents and children to be reunited providing the parents with support such as; mental health or drug and alcohol treatment, parent skills, training, and living assistance. Emotional Effects on Foster Children About 30% of children in foster care have severe emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems.
Feel guilty and blame themselves for removal.
Still attached to birth parents despite often times abuse.
Feeling unwanted when place in foster care or a long period of time.
Feeling helpless due to lack of control
Trouble showing affection Works Cited AACAP.org
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