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Fixing a flat bicycle tire

In this micro-teaching session, Peter attempts to demonstrate how to fix a punctured tyre on a bicycle.

Peter Barbrook-Johnson

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Fixing a flat bicycle tire

What you will know by the end of session

What you will have done by the end
of the session

Why? Fixing a flat bicycle tire with Peter Johnson Things we will need

1. A wheel each
Inner tube

2. Tire irons

3. A pump how to replace
a punctured
inner tube
on a
bicycle wheel replaced
an inner tube
on a bicycle
wheel 1. will keep you from
dumping it
in the shed
locked to
a lampost

2. could get you out
of a tight spot
if you're
far from home PJ Demonstration

Your go -
in two groups -
Generation game style

Speed and style - winner gets a prize? 1
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