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All you need to know about Bromantane

No description

Annalise Delic

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of All you need to know about Bromantane

What is Bromantane?
Bromantane is a drug that was invented in Russia which was used for soldiers to be more energised.
Positive Sides...
Bromatane also has an anti-anxiety effect so it's sold by subscription online for anxiety suffers. Its re-named ladasten so anxiety suffers wont make the connection between the drug and will be willing to buy it.
Negative Sides
If you take too much, you could be put into a sedated effect from Bromantane. Falling asleep, sleep disorders and fustration would be something you would have to deal with if you take too much Bromantane.
Fun Fact #1

Because this drug is a stimulant, steroid and masking effect for other drugs things like...
All you need to know about Bromantane
When Russian Athletes got their hands on the drug, they thought it was amazing. It's a stimulant, steroid and masking effect for other drugs all in one!
But like all drugs, it does have its ups and downs...
Other effects of steroids ( an ingredient in bromantane) include...
Baldness and heart attacks...
Strokes and high blood pressure...
and even enlargement of the heart!
And Plasma Expanders
are all the same because of the ingredients they hold. That is the only similarity, each drug has different effects on the body.No other drug combines a stimulant, steroid and masking effect. That's why Bromantane is so popular!
This drug is taken through tablet form.
As this drug is very popular, people like Lybov Egorova was disqualified for 2 years because she took Bromantane.
She was a six-time Olympic Champion but that all went to waste when she was found out for taking drugs but denied it.
Lybov Egorova
and 2 bronze medals were all stripped from Lybov and she was banned from competing for 2 years!
9 gold medals...
4 silver...
The most successful Winter Olympian came back after two years, not able to regain her title and is now retired. :(
All her hard work went to nothing... she moved to St.Petersburg to train in a better place when she was only a teenager.
She had support from her hometown in Siberia but she let herself down...
Lets watch a youtube video about Lybov...
The baldness is because of to many hormanes in your body that causes the hair to be so fine, it makes you look bald. But eventually, with over use of steroids, permanent baldness may occur.
Everything happens for a reason though...
All the heart problems are from steroids taking out the good cholesterol and putting in the bad cholesterol which leads to blood clots and then strokes or heart attacks.
Another serious case of drug taking is from the Russians. After all, they did invent the drug but they just took it too far...
The Russians used the drug at the Atlanta Olympic games as soon as they got their hands on it!
The only reason four people were found for taking drugs was because of the silly mistake they made...
They all purposely missed the drug check test!
When a catch up urine test was taken it became known that all four people took bromantane and because of its masking effect, who knows what else they took!
All four people were sent home from a once in a life time oppotunity!
This is just another sad story where drugs were involved.
One of Bromantanes ingredients are steroids so here are a few drugs that fall under steroids category..
And lasty, Clomid
Achieving your goals faster...
Improve your mood...
Enhance your sporting abilities...
Eliminate tiredness...
and reduce your anxiety and depression...
is something Bromantane can do all in one!
But dont forget the side effects. ;)
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