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Beowulf Kenning Presentation

Identify 2 hyphenated kennings, 2 prepositional phrase kennings, and 2 possessive kennings.

Eddie Getts

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Beowulf Kenning Presentation

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Beowulf Kenning Presentation -LINE 346,
Hrothgar's gold-ringed queen greeted the warriors. Hyphenated -LINE 490-491,
That might protector of men meant to hold the monster. PREPOSITIONAL -LINE 382,
He went to Beowulf, embraced the Geat's brave prince. Possessive The kenning is saying that the "gold- ringed queen" was Welthrow, Hrothgar's wife. Meanings: The possessive kenning is saying Hrothgar asked Beowulf for help. Meanings -LINE 398,
Sliding silently toward that gold-shining hall. -LINE 472-473
Now he discovered-once afflictor of men, tormentor of their days- what if it meant to feud with Almighty God. -Line 414,
The monster's mind was hot with the thought of food. Meanings: The kenning is saying that Grendel is going to Herot, or the "gold-shining hall". The prepositional phrase in the kenning is stating that "the mighty protector of men" is Beowulf. The prepositional phrase is saying that the "afflictor of men" or Grendel is conflicting with God This possessive kenning is saying that Grendel, "the monster's mind", was hungry for humans. All of the kennings are original to the poem, because they don't include any Christian elements, except for one...

-Line 472-473
Now he discovered once the afflictor of men, tormentor of their days-what it meant to feud with Almighty God.
-We believe the monks, the ones who wrote the poem down, added this kenning with Christian element. Eddie Getts & Jadon Miller Prezi By:
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