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Marine Science 604

No description

Alex Conrad

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Marine Science 604

Scuba Started with Jacques-Yves Cousteau.
He and Emile Gagnan developed the first
Scuba System. Early Scuba Equipment was Bigger and
Bulkier than what we have now. Early Helmets were made of
metal, and glass, while now we
have masks that are smaller and
are made with plastics. Dive computers in compact form are something that just started to come up in more recent times, they tell the
diver their depth among other things while they are
diving. Gases have changed over the years, the most
commonly used gas now is nitrox, which
allows divers to stay down longer, and has
a higher concentration of oxygen than early
Gases used. SCUBA was one of the Biggest advances in
the History of Marine Science, as it allowed
us to go place underwater that we had never
been able to go before. Scuba has changed drastically over its very short
50 year life time. Due to a serious car accident he was not able
to be a pilot, and after a trip in 1936 when he
was in the water with goggles he had a revelation
that would change the way we explore the ocean
completely. 1950 A former minesweeper, Calypso was turned into
a research vessel for Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his
team to explorer the depths of the ocean
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