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By Ethan Bodo and Sonny Chi

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lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of By Ethan Bodo and Sonny Chi

By Ethan Bodo and Sonny Chi
Medal of Honor Recipients
Sammy L. Davis
Vietnam War Vet and Medal of Honor Recipient
The offering of a human life as in proportion or homage.
Boldness or determination in facing great danger,especially in battle
Love, support, and defense to ones country.
Honesty, fairness, or integrity in one's beliefand actions
Harvey Barnum
Barnum requested two transport helicopters armed with machine guns. He moved bravely through fire with strong support of the choppers to pick up the wounded and diseased.

Harvey Barnum
Sammy L. Davis
Undaunted, he returned to the weapon to fire again when an enemy mortar round exploded within 20 meters of his position, injured him painfully.
Harvey Barnum
Marine Corps Vet and Medal of Honor Recipient
Sammy L. Davis
Sgt. Davis was brave enough to take an air mattress and floated across the deep river to rescue 3 wounded soldiers.
Harvey Barnum
No regard for for his safety, he started to aid his dying commander.
Sammy L. Davis
Detecting a nearby enemy position, Sgt Davis seized a machine gun and provided covering fire for his gun crew, as they attempted to bring direct artillery fire on the enemy.
Harvey Barnum
Barnum gave encouragement to his fellow soldiers and got them excited to fight and succeed.
Sammy L. Davis
He reorganized the soilders to replace the loss of key personnel and led their attack on enemy positions from which deadly fire continued to come.
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