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Nicola's Girly Gathering!

Something a little sophisticated to send our friend and sister into the world of being wonderfully wed!


on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Nicola's Girly Gathering!

Please join me with some of my closest friends, family and to-be in-laws to share a very special day of pre-wedding fun.
I know you will help me do this in style! We really want to give
our sister a pleasant send off into the world of marriage to Chris - steering well clear of plastic penises (or any human ones for that matter) and do something that everyone gets something from.... So, we've planned something a little different and would love for you to join us in Edinburgh on the 23rd February 2013. During the afternoon
we'll be learning how to
MAKE Wonderful PERFUME So, as we're doing the Japanese thing,
there is a bit of a dress code: Feeling peckish? Come and Dine
with us After Dinner Select and learn how to mix your own fragrance to take home and help Nicola create
an amazing scent for her Wedding day! Drink champagne take away your own bottle of perfume Cost: £45 per person

Experience: unique Japanese people really pride themselves on using fresh ingredients to produce perhaps the prettiest, and most delightful food! Pretty tasty Inside looks like this It's easy, honest! Noodle dishes, meat dishes, veggie
options too! "Incredible" "Absolutely beautiful" Kanpai Sushi "wow, a truly excellent
restaurant" Our table is here.. Tabletop Origami dollar notes supplied Hens wear Black and put a pretty flower in their hair Okay, so not a whole bouquet! But,
a nice flower hair accessory will
be splendid. Nicola to wear
White dress plus flower. We ask one thing : Please powder your nose as the photographer is en route to get a group picture. Looking gorgeous? After pics we're off again Time to relax and sip cocktails at Tigerlily See you there! I said yes...
and now I'm getting married AT LAST! Click the play button and then continue to press forward - enjoy the music while you read the plans. Most importantly, just join us!! The details: Tigerlily Cocktail Bar - 10:30pm Hotel venue still to be confirmed. An invitation to login and pay the fee (£45) will be sent separately.

Cost includes: Up to 2 hours tuition attending an entry level perfumery course specifically designed for groups with fun in mind. A good chance to learn a little about the history of perfumery and the basics of perfume blending by making your own. At the end, you'll be smelling wonderful and have made your own scent! During the session we'll be enjoying a glass of bubbly while we make sure that Nicola smells okay on her special day! Bride takes home a fancy atomiser, hens a glass bottle! Saturday 23rd February, Edinburgh City Perfume making - 3pm Kanpai Sushi Restaurant - 8pm Kanpai Sushi restaurant, 8-10 Grindlay Street, Edinburgh.
The menu is available online at www.kanpaisushi.co.uk. Japanese food is one of Nicola's favourites and it's (thankfully) not all about raw fish presented beautifully! Check out the menu, it is really special. We'll do some quirky origami for you to take home, get a few nice pictures of everyone looking gorgeous, share stories and, perhaps, partake in some saki? Be rude not to! .....Now SMILE! George Street, Edinburgh and does what it says on the tin! Table reserved for 10:30pm RSVP Here's the plan...
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