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Mohammad Mani

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Seigneurs

About the Seigneurs The Seigneurs were people who had permission from the king to build land and divide it into 32 pieces and give it to the habitants who came from New France. They owned large estates originally held by a feudal grant from the king of New France. They used a method called the seigneurial system of New France which was a form of dividing land. They were wealthy people who lived in medium sized estates. They were also known as landlords. Seigneurs Roles and Responsibilities The Seigneurs were people with many responsibilities. They had to pay the state a tax equal of 20% of the purchase price. They also had to set aside oak (needed to build ships) and mines (for minerals) for the state. They also collected rents and crops grown by farmers. They were not lazy and were not thieves. Advantages and Disadvantages The advantages of being a member of the Seigneurs group were that you got to collect rent and other funds for the land concessions. You also benefit from the free labor of your tenants. The disadvantages of being a member of this group were that when the land owner died and they had to divide the land equally among themselves and they thought having the British in charge would help them but they ended up being ignored. Importance to the Colonization of New France The Seigneurs were important to the colonization of New France because they were the people who had to divide the land equally into pieces among the habitants and they were the only ones who knew how to do it. They were also collected rents and crop grown from farmers and habitants. Lastly they were the ones who set aside oak for ships and mines for minerals. These people were very important. Journey to New France The Seigneurs came to New France because they needed more money and in their country they would have already divided all of the remaining land. So they would go to New France and ask the king if they could work for him and divide his land. If the king would agree they would make more money and would settle their and wait until the land was fully divided then move again. Thanks for listening!
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