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Divers E City

No description

Christophe Boeraeve

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of Divers E City

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No to the "Old" economy

Insert spirale du temps SchemA 01 Le nouveau jeu economique
tell everyone....
tell & show
What's in your mind?
And interrelated and
By Christophe Boeraeve and the Actors of a Systemic Economy
Inspired by Michel de Kemmeter & Paul Mauhin
Easily, freely, happily
Yes to the various intelligences ...
Collective ones ...
And dive in yourself & the deepest oceans
And discover that
Your greatest fears...
Your greatest obstacles, limitations and defaults...
May be tuned in positive
4 you
and 4 others
The 7 Created Values :
What do we do in this place ?

We want...
We share the same
Regardless of Ideology...

We strongly affirm what
Property & Power
Fear & Fortune
And what
Divers CITY
Avenue Brugmann, 183 1190 Forest (Brussels)
A place gathering all 12 vital functions
of society...
The basement is allocated to...

Kitchen + Lounge
Photo + Video studio
Making full use of the
The Ground floor is allocated to meetings,
Discoveries & Encounters

And challenge our fears
Where we explore our curiosity
And always remains connected as each room is wired & may be filmed...
So that we always keep track of our greatEST moments & discoveries...

The Garden is the place where

- Business Lunches with PLAYING



Coherence In Diversity
Extrapreneurs & Inspiring
Individuals meet-share
Synergies with UNO Building
Fostering the New Economy
Offering opportunities
4 extrapreneurs
Win-win with Law-right
Healthy Lifestyles promoted
Social medias are at the center
of the building/new community
Roots & Anchors in various
histories, religions & traditions
Kitchen garden & various
sports grounds connect
the people to the earth & others
sharing our common humanity
Divers E city reflects & facilitates
inter-encounters :
- inter-generations
- inter-cultures
- inter-genders
- inter-visions
Seeing diversity as opportunities
not threats
Prestigious building in
an "uptown" location
Aids & Subsidies available
Guests will live & work &
animate the building
Barter economy with various
Win-Win programs with many

Renovation needed
Cluttered place
Building may be subject to renovation restrictions

Easy flow between
all floors via the stairwell
Extrapreneurs & guests
arrange for the animation
Online process flows
provide social medias
with unique contents

The Balan

Deontological regulations
Guests will stay for
limited periods
Time & efforts may be
be needed for control

Diverse Energies
Diverses Views
Diverse People
Christophe not in
the "execution"
Walls memory to
be uplifted
Social medias are central
Encounters happen on a daily basis
AAA location
Body language released
Revolutionary concept
Does not match with former vision
vision of a law firm
Building history
Cum Scientia Caritas
Eternal students
Tax & Legal advice
New venture for Christophe
Many competences needed
Time frame

Tourist offices
Chris's family
Brussels Bar
Young & Seniors Entrepreneurs
Opinion leaders
Guest speakers
Sports partners
Social media
Not-for-profit sector
The House
Local community
We reveal the colors of entrepreneurs through
the diverse Encounters

our lifestyles facilitate personal & professional discoveries that create value at 7
levels & contribute to common good

We co-create this place, our entreprises, ourselves
1) Discover the colors of your entrepreneurship
Joining our permanent EU residents, you participate in a whole 3 to 6 months program to set up your enterprise.

We do only what we do best with many partners as the members of the UNO buildings, not-for-profit associations,…

We apply original models such as the 7D values, the 12 social roles, to help you unleash the treasures of your personality and rent your original works to your entreprises with a social profit.

We welcome guest speakers of so many different fields that we are proud to announce that to the best of our knowledge no other training in the world is more diverse.
What do we offer ?
What do we offer ?
2) Unique EU internship
We welcome up to 5 young EU entrepreneurs to provide them with both a once-in-a-lifetime experience and opportunities that only Brussels, as the capital of Europe, may offer.

Divers E City is the only entrepreneurs facilitator that offers the possibility to live and share the same house also hosting a social media editing platform (video, audio & photo), meetings room designed to facilitate your creativity, knowledge recording and analyzing tools, a kitchen garden and sports grounds.

We welcome guest speakers on a regular basis and arrange for DIVERS E CITY to be a place where communities, genders and generations discover their common humanity and how their differences may become opportunities, not threats.
What do we offer ?
What do we offer ?
Our video & photo editing studio provides for unique opportunities to devise, share and propagate knowledge.

Besides MOOCS on the new economy, extrapreneurship & Legal education for non jurists, we offer the technological tools to edit and communicate on the social medias in the way of pictures & videos.
What do we offer ?
What do we offer ?
What do we offer ?
4) Top Topics : the residents & the Events Committee
Our residents and the members of the Events Committee provide for lectures, meetings and exchanges on a daily basis.

Our motto is the following :

1) each guest speaker presents his speech and its view on why it is interesting on our “magic board” (an electronic computer screen); and

2) the video of the talk is available on-line on our website within 12 hours; and

3) a transcript of the talk with translation in English (if the speech was not in English) is available and posted on the social networks for sharing of knowledge & experiences

What do we offer ?
5) immediate legal assistance
exchanges of thoughts
A win-win situation occurs with the presence of a law-firm in the Divers E City building offering immediate legal assistance and mutually beneficial exchanges of thoughts & emotions with the entrepreneurs and persons attending the events

The rooms are also colored with our personnalities
They each have a theme
developed on the basis of the ikea magazine
And 2 of the 4 walls may be (re)painted by
each guest with the assistance
of an artist of his choice
Room number 1 : the bookworm
It's also the building's library
Room N°2 : the C-STHG officer
Finance & EU based operations require style
Room N°3 : The creative lab
No cleaning ladies or any form of order allowed
Room N° 4 : Ladies' room
Let's concentrate on your wellness
ROom n°5 : Cosy Attic Left side
We share a lounge with guest on the right
Room N°6 : Cool Attic on the right
So great that my neighborg is so different from me...
So what does it take to j in ?
The secret path

Because we see law and legal systems as the most useful mechanisms man has put into place to assure peace and harmony between people, societies and nations. There may even be friendship in the law as the very essence of its existence is mutual respect and empathy between two ore more people.
No humanity without legal rules …

Thanks to the law we live in relative safety : employees are paid monthly and we do create value and entreprises, we may acquire buildings and cars or just go shopping at the supermarket and not be exposed to food poisoning…

Poullet Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Law at FUNDP, has profoundly impressed me when he stated that “there is friendship in the law.”

This is what I also believe: there’s affection, a desire to help and to relieve, to facilitate and to protect in the law.

For now 15 YEARS that I am a lawyer, this job is for me, and before all, helping, facilitating, advising and informing so that the vision of our customers on their current situation becomes clearer.

They better understand the issues at stake and their options so that they better hit the road to reach their projects… or their dreams.

More importantly for me, this vision favors meeting at regular intervals with the clients and takes stock of all the obstacles and successes to “correct the situation” and improve together with the same energy, communication and shared knowledge.”
Right side of our brains

Because we adopt an approach also founded on the
Right side of our brains fostering Creativity,

Intuition and Emotions. We thus prefer an holistic, human and global vision of issues rather than a mere logical, analytical and rational way of handling legal requests.
If the law it taught at the university, it has to be somehow scientific.

It is indeed based on logical reasoning, the interpretation of legal texts using a variety of methods and techniques or rules that any lawyer should know and apply.

Like other sciences, medicine, for example, it is also much of an art based on a vision and intuition, on the ability to isolate the essential elements of the complex reality and combine or revisit them, discover and develop them in a another context, illuminated by another light or gathered and united for the first time …

This means that creativity, predominant in our right brain, intuitive and global associations, that “see the whole picture” and innovation, find their place in a law firm.

We also exercise our neurons of the “right-side of the brain” and we are looking for new solutions and trying to innovate with our customers, what are the other options to a procedure or even to simply creating a “company”, we “brainstorm” by analogy, induction, images, …

We integrate emotions, their content, their messages and expressions in handling our clients files.

And we believe that we respect our global humanity and do not “chop up” our customers and cases by only retaining the logic and rational approach but also adopting the holistic approach that characterizes us.
Where the economies blossom and boom

Because we accompany our clients, individuals, not-for-profit organizations and companies, where the economies blossom and boom and in particular in Eastern Europe, Middle and Far East.

We also suggest focused trainings, language lessons, longer and deepened cultural immersions and any other types of accompaniment if we find it necessary for the development of our client’s expansion.

Economic development, both in terms of revenue, innovation and entrepreneurship, is quickly moving to Eastern Europe, the middle and the far East.

Countries such as Poland, Romania, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Israel, China, Vietnam and Russia are experiencing growth rates of their GNP well above the ‘old economies’.

China 7.8 pc, 6.6 pc in Qatar, 3.1 pc in Israel against 0.2 pc for Belgium or 0 for France.

Sources: http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GDP.MKTP.KD.ZG

We assist entrepreneurs in this search for new export markets with a triple and unique vision:

1) social and tax optimizations made possible by the use of double taxation treaties allow AS OF THE FIRST TRIP to generate a gain, a saving that far exceeds the cost of explorating those new markets; and
2) We develop partnerships with both local entrepreneurs, the government, local consultants and lawyers to enable our customers to be informed immediately and be right away operational. We are particularly active and the United Arab Emirates, Malta and Israel; and
3) We see the international development of our client’s businesses as a necessity from a commercial, financial and industrial viewpoint. It is also an opportunity to discover other cultures, encounter people and contribute to one’s personal development. We ensure that these « human » aspects are part of the experience and the business travel is not experienced as a punishment but as opportunities for rich human encounters … and personal development.

Sustainable and wonderful world

Because we contribute to a sustainable and wonderful world by supporting all activities that support ecosystems and do not destroy them. This also applies on a human level. We strive our hardest to maintain or restore relationships that may have been damaged by miscommunications and misrepresentations. Hence, we get back to meetings and discussions with all parties involved and follow Alternative Dispute Resolutions processes as Mediation and in some ways Coaching.

What makes us happy ?

If we all, or for most of us, have reached a level of income and accumulated wealth that shelters us from basic human needs, then what are we looking for?

Increases in income or more assets are only very remotely correlated with happiness.

In many ways, the pursuit of these remunerations, salaries and other incomes shifts us away from what makes us truly happy.

Culture, religion or a spiritual practice in a community, meditation, personal development, friendship, sports, … are directly correlated with well-being (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = 4q1dgn_C0AU).

Because we have put into place unique legal processes with mandatory checks that guarantee high level quality, e.g. the “6 cumulative checks or 6’cc”:

Checks 1, 2 and 3
Analysis of the 3 sources of our legal systems (The Law, Case law and Legal authors)

Check 4
Optimized search for supportive documents with the client

Check 5
Anonymous check of the validity of our solutions with the « policeman » or competent authority

Check 6
Quality regular meetings and communication flows with the client and other partners.

When requests go beyond our experience and specific database of legal cases, it is only when each box is ticked, that we deliver and share our formal advice to the client.
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