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Vote For Alex

No description

Alex Leddin

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Vote For Alex

Class of 2011 ... we were the first class to win powderpuff as juniors and there's no reason why we shouldn't win again ... Britney Spears your vote matters.
a history lesson "the dances at my high school were so poorly organized, I would complain but my class president would just say 'oops, I did it again.' sure he was great inspiration for a song but eventually those disappointing events got to me. don't make the same mistake I did, vote for experience."
-Britney Spears Charles Barkley 2009 2007 1997 1991 "sure I was a great athlete in high school. unfortunately, my school lacked other sources of inspiration for me. I sure wish we had won spirit week my junior year or the powderpuff game. winning those events would have set us up for success our senior year and provided me much needed inspiration. don't make a mistake, vote for a proven winner."
-Sir Charles Lindsay Lohan "if my junior year had been filled with well-run events that mattered like a ring ceremony and retreat, I probably would have made different decisions as an adult."
-Lindsay Lohan vote Alex Leddin write your own history,
vote for
ALEX LEDDIN class of 2011 ... history in the making
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