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What makes a good website

No description

mansu man

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of What makes a good website

Title: Must be easy to read and locate the information
Color: Must have appropriate colours. The colour of the texts should stand out clearly from the background's colour
Structure: Must have a clear and simple structure where people can access to things easily without searching everywhere within the website.

Must have a clear purpose so that people can expect what to find on the website
Be specific
Be aware of the people who would have access to the website. <Contents>
Must put useful and appropriate information
Make sure the contents are NOT outdated, incomplete, or poorly edited
Cite sources <Security>
Must ensure the website has a secure privacy policy <Accesibility>
Make sure the website itself is easy to reach and be searched
Register the website on Google, Yahoo, etc. so that people can find it easily according to their needs
Make sure the website can be opended and appropriately shown in all browsers such as the Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape etc.

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