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RUAA Staff Retreat

No description

Thomas Hammond

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of RUAA Staff Retreat

RUAA Staff Retreat
Business Development & Alumni Benefits
Revenue Generating Programs
Online Store
Insurance Programs
License Plate
Credit Card RFP
Career Services
Alumni Card
Alumni Wall Calendar
Telling Our Story
Student Role in Philanthropy & Engagement
Chancellor's Mission
Volunteerism & Advancement
RUAA Branding Exercise
Brand Basics
Core Message
Brand Ideals
That's a wrap!
We will wrap-up the day at
Brower Commons - 2nd Floor, Rooms A, B, C.

So, don't come back here!

Vice President's Update
RUAA & Foundation and AR Communications
Yes, this is a crazy time for a retreat!
What should you expect today?
Updates from each team
Correlation to the strategic plan
And a lot of fun
Afternoon Activity
An investment in you (goal #6)
Volunteer Engagement
Volunteer Opportunities
RUAA Committees
Alumni Leaders Council (at large, University Senate)
RUAA Board of Directors
Charter Group Outreach
ALC Conference
REAL Awards
Student Engagement
Student Alumni Scarlet Society
Alumni Leaders Conference
REAL Awards
R Game Day (6)
Experience Rutgers (6)
Chancellors' Concert
Homecoming - New!
RFamily Fall Fest at the President's Residence
Alumni Weekend
Hall of Distinguished Alumni
RUAA Board Meetings and Retreat
Young Alumni Events
New Department
New Staff
Next Week
Ready. Set. GO!
Disney, Facebook, Coca Cola, The American Cancer Society, P&G, Verizon, American Express, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo!, Nike, Toyota, and many more have played.

Now, the Rutgers University Alumni Association joins the game!
Chancellor Haddon Roll-out
Alumni House and Brick Campaign
Rutgers Alumni at the Opera
Burlington County Historical Tour
Homecoming 2014
Charter Outreach
Alumni Weekend Focus Groups
Student Engagement
Washington State - 240 [157%]
Navy - 153 [51%]
Ohio State - 151 [50%]
Nebraska - 64 [21%]
Michigan State - 43 [29%]
Maryland - 65 [22%]
Experience Rutgers
October 7 - New Brunswick, Autism
November 10 - LA, HIV/AIDS
February - NYC, Himalayan Art
March - Philadelphia, Climate Change
March 19 - Newark, Business
April 21 - Washington, D.C., Criminology
Students Today,
Family Forever
Charter audit and assessment
outreach & annual report
NEW charter standards and expectations
NEW charter benefits
including competitive/meaningful grant processes
NEW and improved training and education
NEW robust budget for staff travel to engage, coach, train, etc. in the volunteers' backyards
Charter Group Outreach
Tell Our Story
Early Engagement
Alumni As a Model of Success
Homecoming and Alumni Weekend
Chancellor's Mission
Connecting with alumni through regional
and marquis events
Community outreach
RUAA programming in high-density markets
Developing Excellence
Brand Ideals/Purpose
empower creative exploration and self expression
inspire moments of happiness
celebrate every woman's unique beauty
deliver happiness through 'wow' service
Brand Basics
Visual identity
Core message
Brand ideals
Brand Message
Core competencies
What the RUAA does well
Brand qualities
Behaviors, emotional responses, perceptions
Brand stretch
What the RUAA will never be
What would happen if the RUAA went away?
Full transcript