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Family Tree

No description

kurnal singh

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Family Tree

By: Kurnal S. My Family Tree Birth date: unknown Lakshman Dass Sharma Birth date: unknown Kamla Devi Birth date: 7/30/1955 Usha kiran sharma and her family Birth date: 8/1/55 Asha Kiran Sharma and her family Lakshman was an uneducated person who learned everything from experience. When he was nine years old, he ran away from his house near Kashmir, in Himachal Pradesh, because his father died and his mother married his uncle who wasn't someone Lakshman liked. At the time, India and Pakistan were the same country and Lakshman ended up traveling south to the current Pakistan, where he worked for about six years. After that, the conflicts between India and Pakistan started and Lakshman had to travel to current India, to a city called Delhi. Once there Lakshman started working for a known family member. Over time he got married to his boss's younger sister, Kamla Devi. As the Years progressed Lakshman and Kamla saved their money and Lakshman used it to design and build the house my uncle, narinder lives in today. Family occupation: grandfather/mom's side Death date: January 3, 2010 Kamla Devi was raised by a single mother who, along with Kamla, raised 4 other kids. Just like Lakshman, Kamla was also uneducated, but was also very ambitious. She after many months of struggling, finally got all her five kids a good education through a good school. when my mom had me, Kamla and Lakshman came all the way from India to L.A., California just to see me. After a few months, Kamla decided to go back to India while Lakshman stayed behind. That was the biggest mistake of her life. When she got back to her house, after a few days, she was sitting on the bench in front of the house when a bull came by. While trying to ward off the bull the bull attacked her and she broke her hip bone. As soon as possible Lakshman came to India and after a few days, he had his second heart attack and three strokes. Luckily he survived but was and has been paralyzed ever since. All her life Kamla struggled to make her family's life better and then in 2010 her chapter came to a close. Usha is the oldest out of Lakshman and Kamla's five kids. Usha was a very intelligent student as a child but was also very short tempered and dominating. She got married to an army soldier in 1978. Since then she has been a housewife who has raised two daughters. The oldest daughter Bhawna has already gotten married and has a 7 year old daughter and a 1 year old baby boy. The younger sister is Moksha. She is currently studying to become a high ranked police officer. Birth date: 5/18/1963 Sudheer Kumar Sharma and his family Birth date: 6/26/1967 Narinder Kumar sharma Birth Date: 7/18/1970 Nanda Sharma Birth date: 9/9/1964 Varinder Singh Birth date: 4/24/02 Amanveer Singh Birth date: 11/21/98 Kurnalveer Singh Family occupation: grandmother/mom's side Family occupation: aunt/mom's sister Asha was a very shy, simple, and reserved type of person. Asha was average in her studies but was very efficient in her other household works. Just like everyone else besides narinder, she graduated from college. She got married in 1988 and is currently working at a school as a tech. teacher. She teaches people how to work with computers. She has a husband named sunil and a 6 year old son named shivam. As a child Sudheer was good in studies and studied many different types of martial arts. I've heard that he used to blend raw eggs and drink them for nutrition. Out of all the 5 children, he was the only one that misbehaved and didn't like his family. He never cared about anyone except for himself. When he grew up he still kept ties with his family but was never as close as narinder. He got married in1975 and had 2 children The first was Tushar sharma who was born on march 25, 1988 and his sister Minakshi, who was born on march 1, 1990. 2 years ago, when I last saw Tushar, he was working on a car in a program similar to the one we use in robotics. He, Minakshi, and their mom live in Mumbai, while Sudheer lives at his own house in Delhi. An interesting fact about Tushar is that when he was my age, he looked exactly like me. Narinder has always been the person to make you laugh. From his childhood, to his current state, he has always been funny and random. Besides Narinder's comedy there is also his kindness. Whenever we go to India we stay at Narinder's house and along with that he becomes a tour guide for me and my brother. He always takes us along to his volleyball games and drives us around on his motorcycle. Narinder was married in 12/10/1993. He has three kids kanishka, Vishesha, and Vibhor. Whenever we go to India, Vibhor and I go on the rooftops to fly kites or free run. Nanda, my mom, was the fifth and youngest daughter of Lakshman and Kamla. She was always good in her studies and other physical activities. She was awarded many medals for being the best at many sports. I've heard that when she entered the field the opposing team said," we're going to lose today". She first came to America to make a deal with a client for her company. Nanda got married to Varinder in 1997 and had two kids, me and my brother. Varinder, my dad is from Punjab. When he was an infant his father abandoned him and him and his mother, leaving with his big brother. With only his mom taking care of him, he topped the charts in his studies and got an Indian Technology Institute (ITI) diploma. He played soccer and a Punjabi sport similar to rugby, called kabade. When he came to America he somehow found out his father was in L.A. like him. He met his father and Forgave him for abandoning him and his mother but also said, "I forgave you, but it doesn't mean my mother has". During the conversation, he found out where his brother lived. He drove to his brother's house and met him. At that time Varinder was married and I was three years old. We had gone to this arcade so that his daughter and I could play some games. There, they sat on a bench and talked. His brother hated him and said he didn't want to see Varinder ever again. Years later his mother died. Leaving him with no family, but still he strives to find a better future and I think that time will come. Aman has always been goofy. He acts the same way Narinder does and does good in his studies. Aman isn't very athletic and is always being goofy or calm. He never actually ever gets mad. When he was three years old he would stand next to my mom in the kitchen and wait until she was done cooking. Every fifteen minutes he would ask her if she was done cooking. Aman may not be very active but he is a good brother. Better than most brothers i have seen yet. If I was to talk about myself, wouldn't that be bragging? Well, anyway, just like all of you, I've spent most my life in school and am going to be spending many years more doing that. There's nothing much to tell about me besides the differences between my brother and me. My brother is always calm or goofy while I'm always serious and busy. Aman is not very athletic, while I play many sports. During recess Aman will most likely walk around and talk. I would be playing sports. You see how different we are? Other than this I can tell you about a school in India. The name of the school is Inderpresta International school. I used to go to that school for first grade. That school was amazing. There was a place to skate on the roof and in the second floor of the building. There was a small and large swimming pool so that the students can learn to swim. Once, the teachers took us up to the roof and attached a harness to a belt the made us wear and told us to climb down the FOUR STORY BUILDING. Family occupation: aunt/mom's sister Family occupation: uncle/mom's brother Family Occupation: uncle/mom's brother Family occupation: uncle/ mom's brother
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