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Family Tree

No description

Nicholas Kadavy

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Family Tree

Family Tree Svoboda
THERESE SVOBODA 1/31/62- Connie Svoboda 11/22/59-Carla Svoboda 2/14/66-Barb Svoboda11/25/60-
Mark Svoboda 11/7/58-6/11/78
Kadavy Willis Svoboda 6/21/1926- Born at home
during the depression. Farmer for whole life.
Good Year 30 years..
Maxine Ann Lavicky Svoboda- Born 12-4-1931- RN for life.
Theodore Svoboda -1/02/1902-
Married first cousin Lillian. Theodore's
brother Rudy Married Lillian's sister Tilly.
Lillian Sypal 3/30/1902- Lillian, Theodore, Rudy and Tilly all drove to Julsburg, Colorado together to get married since you couldn't marry your first cousin in Nebraska
John F Svoboda 12/16/1872- Born in Vomice , Moravia. Traveled to the states when he was 13- Lived to be 95 years old- Smoked camals his entire life.
Came to States on May 14th 1877 Johanna Prochaska John Svoboda- Blacksmith- Lived in Orechove, Moravia his whole life with Franklin.
Franklin Barta- Never
came to the states. Anna K. Sypal Svoboda
Ludvik Michael (Dudley)
Born August 15th, 1909
Died December 21st, 1976.
Golden Gloves Boxer but had to
come home after father was murdered
to help mother with the farm. Agnes Magdelen Cech-
Born July 23rd, 1912
Died August 19th, 1995.
City girl and a school teacher.
Married Dudly and become a
farmers wife. Frank Anton Cech
Born January 9th, 1866
Died October 19th, 1935.
On June 10th, 1883 (17 years old)
Frank come to the States with his parents
and brothers and sisters. Agnes Lucille Bartek
Born June 6th, 1875
Died August 17th, 1953.
Married Frank May 3rd, 1892
and had 9 children. Jan Cech
Born 9-4-1830
Died 1-13-1913 Katherina Nemec Cech
Born 1-22-1844
Died 1-1-1926 DAN KADAVY 11-4-61, Frank Kadvy 10-34-63, Tom Kadavy 10-12-65, Jane Kadvay 4-24-58, Nancy, John, Ann Louis Kadavy
Born April 10th, 1929
Born into the great depression, only had
an 8th grade education. Very poor family,
father lost everything in the depression. Joined
Navy in 1946, was a C.B. stationed in Guam and
worked on building the new merrianias islands that
were bombed during the war. Came back to the states
1950. Worked for mason contractor for 7 years, made
$3/hour layer, $.65 labor. After 7 years, went out and
started his own business.
Betty Bargman
Born December 15th, 1930
Died May 3rd, 1986 George Bargman Mary Barman Frank Kadavy
Born May 19th, 1884
Farmer in Western Nebraska Anna Plasek
Born May 23rd, 1889
Dairy farmer in Minnesota Frank Kadavy
Farmer Francheska Kadavy Frank Kadavy
Farmer, Came from Czecch Republic.
Vomice, Moravia. Landed with wife,
mother and father. Settled in Weston,
Nebraska on a hilly settlement. Had
similitaries of Czech Republic becuase
it was hilly, didn't produce as well becuase
it wasn't level land.
NICHOLAS LOUIS KADAVY 4/8/86-Andy Kadavy 10/10/83-Stacy Kadavy 8/19/82-Dominic Stuhr 6/9/93
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